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What the hell is with the weak online following Epic?

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    Originally posted by Joeshie View Post
    I'm sure this has probably come up before in the forums, but I searched for an answer and couldn't find one.

    Why exactly am I hearing that there are barely any online UT3 players for the PC? I was going to pick up UT3 for Christmas, but if there isn't a good following for online play I don't see any reason why I should pick it up.

    I'm just finding it hard to believe that a game with a strong name like UT could do so poorly on the PC, it's home platform.
    Because most gamers are fking retards who only play Halo 3, COd4, crysis and apparently super mario as well.


      Here is my truth; The bigger part of UT3 is designed to make money. The better(gameplay) part got either rushed or screwed up. That's why online multiplay is not worth much, neither is the campaign really.

      "From the studio that brought you 'Gears of War' - now took a **** which they smeared out in 3 stripes calling it UT3"


        no linux servers yet