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Freezes are getting worse

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    I was speaking in terms of fahrenheit, I'll edit my post so as not to confuse


      Overheating? Well yes, the 8800gt produces some high temps but he doesn't have the right symptoms... crashes don't occur due to overheating, artefacts do. It's either a driver issue or a patch issue. But I still think you should take Rajinn's advice and check your temps using Rivatuner.


        i have never had any issues with ut3 and my evga 8800gt 512mb super clocked verison. I do use riva tuner and speed fan and after gaming it usually sits around 54 c and idle around 44 c. I am using a fan speed of 65%.

        I was having some issues with another game though (test drive unlimited), where it was artifacting after 5 minutes of game play. I ran the fan at 100% thru riva tuner and it did not change anything. i found that the overclocking of my card from the factory was causing the problem. My card sits at 650 for the core clock and 950 for the memory clock from EVGA. I lowered both of them by 25 and went back to TDU and it fixed the artifact problem i had. I ran the game for 2 hours without a problem. The temp was around 54 c after playing and never went any higher.

        Is it possible that some are overclocking there cards to the point that UT does not like it anymore? I don't have an issue with the higher clock on my pc for UT3 but maybe with some with older CPU's and mobos can't handle the overclock as well and the game locks up. Just a theory at this point but has anyone tried to underclock their card slightly to see if that fixes anything? Also is your power supply have enough amps on the 12 volt rail to support your video card. The EVGA 8800gt 512 SC says it needs atleast 24 amps on the 12v rail to function. i am getting away with 20amps but maybe some with issues are using far less.