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N00b to Unreal, I got some questions.

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    N00b to Unreal, I got some questions.

    I'm hearing all this talk about mods, but I'm not 100% sure what I'll see, can I have a rundown of what will be modded on the game?

    Character Customization, is there any(In the terms of the looks of your character) and are there a fair amount of different options?

    Another question about the mod, once I download them from another map, can I use them anytime? (n00b to PC gaming too, as you can tell)

    How many different vehicles, and is there aircraft?

    I checked the FAQ before making this thread, and didn't see any info on it.

    It would be handy for a Beginner Discussions forum, wouldnt it?

    1. Yes, there is character customization. There's a thread with all the cool skins you can make, search for it.

    2. If you download the map from a server, no. If you download the map from the internet (and extract to the UT3 folders), yes.

    3. Check .


      Thanks a bunch


        it warms my heart to see newbs, cause it means there's gonna be more ppl that play now who didn't before. There's sadly a small percentage of people I know who could tell me what inreal tournament was before I showed them. The series needs more advertising, cause its without a doubt the best shooter ever (halo without advertising would have sold 5% of what it did with advertising, imagine if ut3 got more publicity)