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Patch to enable split-screen analysis

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    Patch to enable split-screen analysis

    Is it just me or did the former "Patch to enable split-screen offline?" get closed and why? It was a good topic and many players where voicing their concerns. It is good business afterall to give what you promised to the clients and in our case, we were promised multiplayer splitscreen.

    UT3 has potential to be a great game and splitscreen is not going to decrease sales because great games like GEARS OF WAR, even with splitscreen, forced me to go out and buy a 360 and the game to play even when my roomate has it. Bottom line is sales will not decrease due to splitscreen but it will decrease due to the lack of because you'll be missing out on the gaming crowd that prefer a social setting for game play.

    Even if a patch does come along is it going to be so late down the line that people are just going to move on to another game like Killzone 2 in March? How soon can the patch be done if possible at all? Even if there was a patch for splitscreen I still feel it should be alot more than what EPIC promised (4 player coop and 2 players splitscreen) to make up for the time loss of since the release.

    Remember that a truely great game will always get bought out no matter what unless customers lack the funding. Good businesses do not force matters into consumers, they provide options. I think of splitscreen as a type of Demo driven by players instead of the conventional download server. When a player shares his game experience with friends through splitscreen and the game is truely good, like Gears of War, the friends would not hesitate to go out and buy it provided he has the money. The concept of getting rid of splitscreen to motivate online communities, "wink wink" to motivate people to buy more consoles and games to increase sales and profit margins ^_- is all wrong. Splitscreen provides a great Demo for non-owners to try out the game in a small community setting. What motivates people to buy the game then is appeal of the game and the need of a competitive edge (you would want to own your own copy to practice and be good instead of just fully depending on the friend's copy through splitscreeen and get pwned).

    EPIC team please remember that every moment is a chance to turn it all around again. So I say why not make UT3 great and give the players one hell of a patch. My idea is offer what is promised (4 player coop and 2 players splitscreen) for free in a patch. Also offer a secondary patch that incorporate the 4 player splitscreen multiplayer function offline and online like Warhawk along with some new maps and weapons. Thinking in an economical point of view, that feature may even get away with a $5.99-$10.99 fee on the Playstation Network. I know I would definitely pay for it.

    Remember that nothing is more important to a company than reputation and EPIC's reputation is being tested. Make the right decision by following the foot steps of great companies such as Blizzard who would scrap an entire multi-million dollar game project (starcraft ghost) to avoid tainting (the game was deemed unfit for release by Blizzard's standards) the company name. Also remember that consumers of this day and age are not naiive. We do not misconstrue non-informative statements such as "we are looking into the problem" with the fact that you would employ the required patch. We recognize time delayed responses and interplay of semantics as shrewd business tactics to confuse consumer from the company's true intention.