i was thinking about getting a ps3 when i found out this was coming for it. I been going through sites and just found out there is alot of disapointed people cause their is no splitscreen. That, just that, alone turned me away from the ps3 version. I live in an area where their is no high speed and we won't be able to for quite a while. (running on 56k blows) I have lan parties with halo 3 once a week, with four 360's hooked up and with the four player split screen we have a blast. As you can read, split screen means alot to me, and for many other gamers with, or without, internet. Some of you may not care, cause you can go online right from home and play with 16 others. But for us, it means a great deal. If epic can't do it, due to limited options or with good reason then fine, gotta do what you can. But i post this because i am hoping one epic reader will come by this thread and take note and bring it up to the team to try and get this option in before it gets any closer to release.

You did it with gears, please do it for UT3 if you can.