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Multiple PS3 question?? (LAN)

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    Multiple PS3 question?? (LAN)

    Ok.. so there is NO splitscreen. A day has passed and I'm less angry about that. There are ingame voice communication (voice) issues. Ok, they've admitted to this and apparently are working on it.

    An Epic employee actually does respond on the forums on occasion... I'll give EPIC a big +1 on that one (though it doesn't negate the huge negative by not having a comprehensive FAQ's or information page on the PS3 version of the game - especially since they must have been aware we were anticipating splitscreen play!).

    Now I'm wondering about the LAN play. I am buying my husband a PS3 for Christmas (already wrapped an under the tree). I know that he has bought me the UT3 game for Christmas. We planned to play the offline campaign mode in splitscreen, but this is apparently not possible now... however, I guess we could play online co-op campaign using the LAN option - my question is, do we require two copies of the game to do this... or like Warhawk, can we use the BRD to load up one game on one console, then walk over to the other console and load up the game using the same disk? Have they enabled this option?

    This would at least address the "playing with a friend issue" if a friend came over with their own PS3... or for people that choose to get a second PS3 in the household.

    Basically, does anyone know if multiple game copies are needed for LAN play?

    im pretty sure but could be worng that you do need two copys of the game im pretty sure....


      Tried this last night and you will need two copies of the game. There is an option under settings to install the game. Don't let this fool you, it only installs the game so the loading takes less time.

      From what I heard and read online I think the only games you will be able to play without the disk, like warhawk, are games that are availible for download and purchase at the store. Since warhawk is the first game that was set up this way for purchase I think currently this is the only game that will allow this function.

      If you think about it, allowing you ot play the game on mutile systems with only one disk is really bad for developers and everyone else associated with the sales of the game. It really negates the total sales of the game by a huge % I would think.


        Actually.. there are very few multiple PS3 households and this option would likely be used more often for LAN parties... and by introducing others to the game, they are more likely to go out and buy their own copy for online play, thereby increasing sales.
        For those that do have multiple PS3 households, this would also encourage purchase of the game... over other games that don't offer this option.
        I would think that this would more likely result in either a draw... or even a minor increase overall.

        Thanks for the reply though... and it's too bad they didn't enable this option - at least it would have given me an option for the loss of splitscreen. I'm not willing to buy a second copy of the game until I check it out... and until the problems are resolved. At this point I'm not even committed to keeping my Christmas gift and may even return or exchange it (though I am hearing good things about the gameplay - but I'm chatty and simply need good voice communication when playing... if there is no voice, I might just as well be gaming offline with NPC's or bots). I may just download the PC demo and see if the game is worth unwrapping.