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    I think anyone that turns off things like like depth of field/bloom forfeits the right to say they a "max candy" setup. If you have 10 peices of candy, and someone takes 2 peices from you, you're no longer at your max.

    Anyhow, the colors are just fine in this game. And there are some maps that look ruined without the atmosphere provided by the HDR effects. I also find it interesting the people who are showing these so-called "bland" screenshots have those HDR effects disabled, or lower the settings in-game, disabling various forms of eye candy.


      I found a very interesting console command that'll restore some color to the game:

      set postprocessvolume settings (scene_desaturation=0)

      Seems that PostProcessVolume.Settings.SceneDesaturation is usually around 0.2 or 0.3. That means you lose 20%-30% of color to the post-processing alone.

      I just gave this a shot and it made the game look a bit better, and not at all cartoony or unnatural. I might write a mutator that does this automatically, some day.