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hd 3870 or 8800 gt pci 2.0 version

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    I prefer ATI for a number of reasons

    Little to ZERO issues with Vista
    Constant Schedule usually monthly Driver updates
    ALL drivers released are typically WHQL certified and thoroughly tested
    Occaisional, rare HOTFIX driver releases typical for make quick fixes so that usually a hot game title can play with little to zero issues.

    HD3870 has ultra low power draw/low noise.... in comparison to it's 2900 parent

    I've had both 8800's and HD2xxx/3xxx cards.... and i've had the best luck with nvidia within a XP enviroment.. specially with SLI.... where as it's COMPLETELY reversed with vista, where crossfire shows instant improvements usually overall, and just excellent results.


      I`m picking up my MSI NX8800GT OC Edition on Friday.......yippee


        Just see the benchmarks. The 8800GT is in a league of it's own compared to the cards that sell for any cheaper, so if you can dish out the extra 50€ which really isn't much, the 8800GT will take you a long way

        Now I used to have an AMD/ATI setup, and when I built this rig I really wanted to do the same thing. I wasn't a fanboy, but I found that it used to be a better deal - more performance for the $$$. Anyway, there's just no real alternative to Intel/Nvidia if you want max power, so I was forced to jump ship


          here in the uk we have hundreds of 8800GT for sale

          but the new 8800GTS 512MB can nearly beat 8800gtx ultra in some tests asnd is doing cheaper

          have a look at this

 on some results only 1fps behina a ultra!