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    Definitely agreed, Unreal Championship 2: Liandri Conflict was a great game. I like the original Unreal Championship also after they released the patch for it that smoothed the framerate to an even 30. As for UT3, its fantastic. The online system could use some work, as its not as easy to navigate on a controller as it is with a keyboard mouse, but thats a small gripe overall.

    The graphics are buttery smooth on an HD set, smooth 30 throughout without a frame drop. It looks nicer than what my computer can pull off haha, but I'm judging from the beta demo. My system is the following: AMD 64 X2 4600+, 2GB PC-3200 Ram, AMD X1950PRO 512MB card, Audigy 2 value soundcard. But yeah, my computer plays the game at around 20-30 frames per second at high detail settings, which is decent, but UT 3 on ps3 definitely looks smoother overall and more detailed than my rig.

    My main complaint? There aren't more people online to frag! I know the ps3 version is selling better than the PC version so far, but I wish that meant more servers to join! Not yet I guess, but here's me telling you ps3 owners to get the hell online!


      thank you...I am new also on I really would like to have some tips or advises to play better this game


        Originally posted by [TT]BrundleFly View Post
        I know that the big money is in consoles, absolutely. If Epic had said right from the start "You PC users can go to hell", I wouldn't have spent 2 years anticipating and waiting to play the game. But they didn't. They led us to believe we were going to get a PC version to play on the PC. Not a console version to play on the PC. I realize now I should have known better. My mistake there...

        But that would be only because they didn't care not because it couldn't be done...
        You know, to an extent I agree with you, but at the same time I have to sit back and say hey, we got an awesome game here despite the platform. This game definitely started on PC first, with consoles IN MIND, but it started life on the PC platform.

        The cynical view against the console version thought is fairly uncalled for, saying that the Ps3 somehow limited the scope of development. UT2004 could have been done on the Xbox... In fact it kind of was in the form of Unreal Championship, but that never seemed to "hinder development" of the PC version of the game.

        I think with creating a new engine you want to try out new things as a developer, hence almost all (if not all, I don't recognize any maps from previous versions actually) the maps are new. I like a lot of the new maps also, don't get me wrong, but I could do with some FaceClassic or Deck like all you PC users clamoring for it out there.

        All in all, the Ps3 version didn't hinder development, if anything blame low spec PC users, the Unreal Engine 3 is extremely scaleable to appease lower spec PC's. But don't go blaming console users for getting a port of the PC version. If anything look upon this as a widening of the market for UT on the whole. Now, with Ps3 owners able to download maps and mods, they may migrate to the PC side of things to create their own mods, making the community for UT 3 that much bigger, and we all benefit from this with awesome user created content.

        To me, the future of UT3 looks bright. Despite initially low sales, its our job, and EPIC's, to use word of mouth and promote this game so we can get more n00bs online for fragging on both sides. Look at the positives! Not negatives!

        Happy fragging


          Originally posted by ScuzzBuster View Post
          Also, any long term UT series PC gamers going console exclusively now either due to PC hardware limitations or by choice?
          By choice, the PS3 is a mint machine and UT3 is an added bonus.

          Been playing on the PC since Doom, prior to that Atari/C64, ST and Amiga. Had the console for around 3 months, initially was going to purchase a 360 because I'm not a great Sony fan but the PS3 impressed me so much I dropped my bias and went the whole way.

          Most fun I've had on a platform yet.


            Thanks for the welcome, I like many PS3 owners are pleased with what EPIC has given us.