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Patch to enable split-screen offline?

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    I'd just like to say that I am very disappointed. I bought this game thinking that it was split screen (which is mostly my own fault for listening to FAQs on online boards.)

    I don't feel that Epic jipped me or intentionally tried to hide the fact it wasn't split screen, it just seemed likely it would be as the other console based UT was, and so was gears of war.

    I would just like to say that if there is no chance of split screen being added, I will be returning this game. The reason I have a PS3 instead of a good PC is so I can play games with my friends, not so I can play online (whats the difference between a PC and a PS3 if you can't play splitscreen?) That said, a reply from an authority saying definitely whether or not this is an issue they will work on would be very much appreciated.



      Really wished this would have made it in. This game would get a lot more play from me, and probably get my friends to get more interested in playing. We lan alot of stuff but only two of us have PS3's. So that's very disappointing that Unreal is a game that won't even be worth LANing when we get together seeing as we need one person per PS3 to play multiplayer, and can't play offline modes split screen. Huge Disappointment guys, I thought for sure 2 player split screen online and off were going to make it.


        If all these devs were talking about co-op, and it was suddenly taken out. mabye they're still working on perfecting it. there has to be some way for them to patch it in. its not like they're starting from scratch they've been workin on it for a few years now.


          Originally posted by TheApprentice View Post
          @ upL8N8

          ^Dude....Epic representatives said that the game will have splitscreen...
          So thats the confirmation we need...
          So why would we ask if the game has the feature if we knew it was there????

          We go to buy the game...Chances are the person doesn't even chek the back because we know SPLITSCREEN is there....
          We check it...It says 1 player..
          We check the game...NO SPLITSCREEN...

          So we then come here to see what gives???
          You obviously didn't know it was there if it wasn't there... If this is a main selling point, at least get up to date information about it. Not information from 5 months ago. Further, don't assume based on past games that a feature will be passed along. This is a new game on a new console.

          While yes, it would of been a good idea for EPIC to clarify if they already said it would be in, it would have also been a good idea for you to double check.... I don't care what item you're buying, you don't buy an item based on information that is 5 months old. However, they did correctly mark the package as 1 player. This always means only 1 player on the console can play it at 1 time...meaning no split-screen.

          It isn't EPIC's responsibility to hold your hand while you go to the game store and read the back of the package for you. It's up to the customer to look for the information, or request the information. The package was properly marked and it is the customers fault for not reading.

          Pre-order money can be refunded. You simply ask for your money back. At least, that's how it works at gamestop.


            Originally posted by Surferdude View Post
            i also agree i dont plan on buying ut3 unless a patch is released to support split screen, i have been waiting for this game for a long time (since it was first announced) and got a ps3 for this game and cod4 because it would cost to much to upgrade my comp, and not having split screen would just kill the game for me.
            Yea I would like to return mine too.

            Based on the initial response from Mark, it sounds like nothing is in the works to patch this. Even though Jeff Morris said "Were not sure what the actual break out of split screens gonna be on the consoles , it will certainly be two, so maybe like 2 and 2 I think will work." and in the same interview he said "less then 50% go online" . either Epic is ignorant to their own market research and comments, or they rushed the game and deceived the customer. I'm gonna go with rushed the product and deceived the customer.

            I'll be enjoying Haze by the time Epic gets their sh*t together. Epic just lost thousands of customers if they don't rectify this situation ASAP.

            ...oh yea, where's the "really kick *** single player" mode at? Guess that was just more BS from Morris.


              Where's Cliffy B...


                Originally posted by KanoBlade View Post
                Where's Cliffy B...
                Well apparently someone needs to save the day. So where's he at anyway?
                He should've jumped off that GoW train and joined the UT3 team.


                  Originally posted by Mark Rein View Post
                  I don't have that issue at hand but I'll take your word for it that this is accurate and I'll say I'm sorry that this feature didn't make it into the game. I personally wasn't aware we had ever planned to do it and we certainly hadn't talked it up as a feature of UT3 on PS3.
                  so this post from Mark Rein tell us that splitscreen is not going to be implemented in a near future to UT3 via a patch?


                    I think they're scared to say split screen isnt coming, and to say you werent even aware of it being in the game is a big LIE, in every interview with every dev they always speak about how it'll have split screen up to 4 players. The reason i bought this game is because of this. I Need ANSWERS now!


                      What the hell kind of response was that from Mark? Epic now = Eidos?

                      You can't just pretend you're not in the wrong here, guys.


                        Originally posted by Mark Rein View Post
                        I don't have that issue at hand but I'll take your word for it that this is accurate and I'll say I'm sorry that this feature didn't make it into the game. I personally wasn't aware we had ever planned to do it and we certainly hadn't talked it up as a feature of UT3 on PS3.
                        This is sadly a blantant lie. Your attemp to act oblivious is a complete business turn off. First consumers get jipped and then they get lied to when they search for answers. If you havent bought Unreal Tournament 3 yet I would strongly suggest you not to support it or Epic in general.

                        I was seriously considering keeping my copy of UT3 and just enjoying the single player and online modes but after seeing this I am definately taking my copy back.

                        Spend your money on Haze if you want something that promises to deliver. UT3 is missing a major aspect and is thus flawed. It is obvious from this liar that there will be no patch for this huge error and 60$ is not worth dishing out.

                        I will most definately give a dedicated effort to spread the word to people to not buy UT3.


                          upL8N8, there are 19 pages of complaints here, most of the people who left comments made an account just to do so. if you would check most have only left 1-3 comments. how can you just imagine that there are only 10 people complaining. its been said before, but numerous online forums are making the same complaint. don't get me wrong the game is a blast, but when i picked it up today with my friend we expected to play together.
                          you said that we should of had our facts straight before buying it, but the thing is, there was never any fact till the day it was released. epic said (ill admit it was a while ago) that they were working on getting a four-player, or at the least a 2-player split screen into the game. then in the final months before the game came out they just never mentioned it again, until the day it was released. so yea blame me for thinking i was getting a split screen game...

                          ill say it again the game is awesome. im just disappointed, whether you think i should be or not


                            I held off buying COD4 because I thought UT3 was a better game that had splitscreen with the pre release press. Thanks for wasting my time.

                            After reading this I am going to buy COD4. In today's market you have to cater to the casual gamer who wants spiltscreen. Take my opinion for what its worth, but you guys blew it.

                            Back to resistance and learn to play COD4. Maybe I will pick the game up in the bargin bin like stranglehold. But atleast thar game has a good movie too watch.


                              Just joined - I agree with all of you!!

                              Just like many others on this thread, I have joined soley to state tat I am truly, truly disappointed with the lack of splitscreen. I mean, come on - every other console version of UT, from the original on the PS2 to the Liandri Conflict on Xbox - all of them had offline multiplayer splitscreen with bots! And I LOVED it! I always had friends come over and we'd have a blast playing team deathmatch games for hours.
                              But no. The most technologically advanced game in the entire console industry right now doesn't have it. Even though it's a series known for its amazing multiplayer abilities.
                              And to the guys at Epic, Mark included - don't attempt to deny it. We've all seen multiple interviews with different guys on the development team who ALL stated in one way or another that splitscreen would be there.

                              God, I hope that a patch can fix this. If it could be done with Overlord, maybe it can be done with this. Please, just don't leave us in the dark about it.



                                I must admit, I am a little disappointed about no splitscreen... not well not really anymore. I had time to think about it. I bought UTIII (they have my e-mail 'cause I registered today) and am happy with every other aspect of gameplay. It runs smooth, it looks good running it. I'm not upset about the fact that 360 owners will hang this over PS3 owners heads from now until Haze, Killzone 2, or MGS4 shuts them up, 'cause one player beats three lights any day; but we will have to wait a little longer for the "one that has it all"... again. And that's not bad, because it's not like all of the 360 games have it all either; so enjoy UT III for what it is and don't be sad for what it isn't.

                                Anyways, it's one of three things it seems;

                                get the game out before xmas, so it was a rush to get it out (pressure), in which case a patch could be the answer, if Epic saw fit, of course.

                                The programmers couldn't do it or do it in time... forgiveable since the PS3 is different because it's new.

                                The engine can't do it for the PS3, which I doubt because other engines do it with ease, so I think the Unreal Engine can do it.

                                But watch every website from here to there rate UTIII in the 8.5 range for no splitscreen, but rate the 360 version 9 or above for having it.