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Yes, UT3 does lack game modes in comparison to pre-releases.

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    Yes, UT3 does lack game modes in comparison to pre-releases.

    If you look at any previous release, the amount of actual "unique" modes is greater than those present in UT3.
    By "unique", I mean a totally different concept of gametype, a completely different "goal". Which means the combination of game types such as DM with TDM or CTF with vCTF.
    Now those modes combined may play very differently to each other, but it's a similar case as to adding vehicles and hoverboards to BR, then calling it a totally seperate mode.

    Obviously it's only fair to count the modes included on the release of the game, as UT3 is sure to have more in time (i hope):

    (DM,TDM) + (CTF) + (DOM) + (AS)
    4 in total on release.

    (DM,TDM) + (CTF) + (DDOM) + (BR)
    4 in total on release.

    (DM,TDM) + (CTF) + (DDOM) + (BR) + (ONS) + (AS)
    6 in total on release.

    (DM,TDM) + (CTF, vCTF) + (WF)
    3 in total on release.

    You may argue that CTF and vCTF play very differently, they do, it even requires different maps. But it's still a lack of variety imo as the objective is still the same.
    That unique variety of modes needs to be there, and I think there's just simply not enough in UT3.

    So add Assault as a seperate mode dammit, and I'll never say a negative thing about the game again. You don't need to bother making maps, we'll do that. Letting us make AS maps in WF with invisible cores is a joke and you know it, imagine how the clan ladders are gonna be...

    If you're tempted to argue that AS is submode of WF, and thus should be combined with it. No matter what Epic said, go play both modes and you'll see that it's really, really, not.

    There are about a million threads whining about the lack of Assault; use one of them.