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Who else thinks this game rocks?

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    Its so good I bought the game twice. Seriosly.

    And maybe a third time when the PS3 version comes out...


      It's is a very good game only need some patches. However I know Epic will fix it in some time just like UT2003 and 2004. Still playing UT2004 a lot and this game is so finished and looks so **** good. Personal I think in 6 months UT3 it is a real treat.


        Originally posted by faultymoose
        I play on Australian servers. All 4 of them. But usually sticking to the ONE server past 9:00pm that's populated.
        Move to Europe! j/k


          This game rocks!!!

          I really love the game, especially:

          - The rock solid and very nice looking graphics (even on my mid-range 8600 GTS i can play 1280 x 1024 all maxed out with patch 1!!)
          - I love the campaign
          - Online DM gaming still rocks as it has to for UNREAL series game
          - Game speed is exactly the way I would have wished
          - Warfare is cool
          - Levels are just brilliant designed

          THX to Epic for the best game ever (and I just want to add that second best game ever was Gears of War....)

          /ME loves Unreal Tournament III


            It's hard to really enjoy the game when there's still so much wrong with it. The negativity needs to be said in order to get things fixed. Either Epic or Miday or most likely both made a huge error in development.


              Well I think that this game is a worth buying one. UT3 belongs to the very few of those recently released quality games.

              What is quite interesting is that nothing revolutionary change has been made for UT3 but actually I have never really expected it to be changed....I mean minor gameplay changes has been done and of course the engine has been changed but all the positive aspects of the game stayed.

              So here my scores for the game : (50)
              pro :
              -good graphics and its optimization
              -excellent gameplay and nline experience (if play with sb match your skill level)
              -easy to mod
              -necris vehicles and design
              -great music

              -could have been more maps and characters
              -clearer and a bit more colorful graphics (option to scale the graphics from the very low to the ultra-high Q should have been added)
              -some minor bugs (fortunately being or already fixed)
              -sometimes strange AI as for teammates

              I give 44 out of 50

              Value 50/44

              it's only my point of view..respect