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Patch 2 -- what should be included?

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    I agree on the saving of game settings, it's annoying to have to change the bot skill and mutators every time you want to play. Also,
    • Random bots selected from 'active bots'. I personally just can't stand the Krall's voices.
    • More options, including graphics and crosshair customization.
    • Condense the menus while you're at it.

    And probably a few more things that I can't think of at the moment.


      I would like to see more done to the editor in regards to bugs...

      Such as:

      - Cursor disapearance randomly.
      - Deletion of objects in editor not always working.


        SP wishes

        1)-ability to drop weapons
        2)-a checkbox to remove translocator from any game
        3)-able to pick and choose the number of bots on blue and red teams like 2004. 3 on one team, 10 on the other, etc.
        4)-ability to save ALL settings in game menu like which mutators to stay active, time limit, goals, everything.

        i could go on forever, but why waste my time? Number one, no one will listen, and number two, i can list everything i want to see simply by saying the following.........

        GIVE UT3 EVERYTHING 2004 HAD !!!!

        I was able to customize 2004 to the point where i played it for years w/o getting tired of it. I made it do what I wanted. UT3 allows me to configure almost nothing.


          - a finished game?


            allow us to customise everything we can in ut99 2004.

            more graphical reduction settings please for the people who dont have a decent rig ( personally playing this game at any less than 60fps is not any good i think ) the graphics only last for about a week then you turn everything off you can anyhow to get the best advantage for yourself in fps and clarity.

            make an oldschool ons mutator in the game modes as well as an inst dm / tdm /ctf in the game lists as well.

            custom crosshairs and brightskins without having to go for 3rd party stuff that you can turn on from client side regardless of the server setting!

            let me bind my shock to tab key again grr!
            oh and let us see who is on servers just by clicking on them and add these people to friends instantly.
            allow custom maps to be instantly uploadable ut2004 style!
            put gorge back in the game <3
            official remakes of some of the classic maps like rankin etc..
            ahh yes pipswitched wepons are a must to plz

            you are on the right track - it may be to little to late but who knows?
            certianly ut2008 will benifit from this extended community paid beta testing


              - The ability to customise crosshairs from within the interface
              - A more obvious "grappling" icon to indicate that you're towing someone
              - More vehicle (particularly manta) knockback from shock secondary
              - More customisable graphics options
              - Access friends from within the server browser (unless you can do this already and I just can't figure it out?)
              - The ability to edit how many lines of message history are displayed in the UI
              - The ability to separate death related messages from chat (two separate feedback text boxes)
              - Independent weapon mouse-sensitivity settings
              - Piped bindings


                Off the top of my head, fixes/improvements I'd like to see are:

                Be able to run the game without having to rebot my wife's pc into a clean boot.

                Add the ability to mute a voice abuser.

                Manta sound needs to be louder, and player popthrough needs to be adressed.

                Better in game graphic customization.. bloom, dof, ect.

                Option for dynamic music or not.

                Add official Assault gametype to dropdown, even if no assault maps are supplied.

                Add ability for custom keybound messages.

                Add clearly visible tow indicator on all vehicles.

                Player graphic option without all the heavy armor.


                  1. Larger Link Gun link radius and better indication of when link effect is actually happening.

                  2. Better indication of when and who is grappling to a vehicle.

                  3. More right-click options for the in-game player roster. We should be able to right click a player's name and get these options: Register as friend, block text from this player, mute voice chat from this player, start a vote to kick this player, spectate this player.

                  4. Louder vehicles.


                    This patch is definitely an improvement. Right now there's only three things that stand out to me really need to be addressed.

                    1. It'd be nice to have the warfare map appear when pressing fire after you die instead of having to wait.

                    2. Bot's that don't have permanant sniper scopes for all weapons. Especially the tank. and that they'd attack the most important thing, rather than dropping everything to go after the player.

                    3. A way to tell a bot you'd like to get in their vehicle. Rather than them driving off solo.


                      Jezzus people!

                      I say Epic take a vacation until January. You've earned it.

                      It' would at least give you a break from all if the "I Wants"


                        even more framerate increases!




                            no hollidays for epic, u guys much like santa better be at work.


                              New Maps !


                                Some other problems:

                                Fix skins changing to default on servers--this happens to me sometimes.

                                Fix people joining servers and then being unable to play when they press fire to play.

                                Fix being unable to enter vehicles even though the "Enter" icon is showing. (Happens now and then.)

                                Fix team balance between maps. Players need to get switched up and teams should start out numerically even.