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Patch 2 -- what should be included?

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    Originally posted by Reise View Post
    Now that player scale is fixed they stick out the top of Mantas. Gotta either make Mantas larger or make players smaller while in them.
    Why? If you shoot just above the Manta you will get a headshot. Seems like this is just a more accurate representation of the way it was designed to be.


      Originally posted by Wail of Suicide View Post
      Why? If you shoot just above the Manta you will get a headshot. Seems like this is just a more accurate representation of the way it was designed to be.
      It's not like I really have a problem with it, it's just that I think we all know it's -not- supposed to be like that. Seeing heads and shoulder pads clip with the frame of the Manta isn't my idea of a polished game lol.


        1. An option to disable framerate based mouse sensitivity
        2. option for Ultra low graphics settings (i noticed when i join games the textures are already in this, and in a couple of seconds turn back to low or high or what ever you have set, which lags me a lot)
        3. fix server browser showing empty servers even if you checked the option
        4. add client side hit detection "zero ping" mod for snipers, and all hitscan weapons, when playing 100+ pinged servers it is sometimes very difficult to hit with these weapons
        5. add death messages to the hud, i would like to know what is going on around the map
        6. option to watch cinematics on single player


          What ever happened to right click options in the server browser?

          The UI and webadmin are the BIGGEST fixes UT3 requires. I haven't heard a thing about the UI, but webadmin is on the horizon.

          If the UI is fixed, I will Love Epic again. But why is it so hard to get an answer from Epic? They have never said they are or are not working on the UI, and there is a post with 10,000+ views regarding the UI.

          So my list is:
          2k4 UI
          Team Color preference
          Adding server as favorite from within game
          Increasing vehicle engine sounds
          Right click options in the UI


            i'm starting to get the feeling i should have bought a ps3 instead of a 8800gt to play this game

            there's too **** much to be patched til this game even reaches the level of 2k4's options or gameplay.


              The PS3 will only be playing it at 1280x720...


                add an option to use dynamic music in DM or not


                  * disable framerate based mouse sensitivity
                  * Team-colored death messages (console death messages)
                  * A main menu that doesn't need to load
                  * Right-click shortcuts for server browser (add to favorites, copy IP, etc)
                  * INGAME customizable crosshairs
                  * individual stats window for weapon stats for the match ingame
                  * A fixed row height for the scoreboard.. Don't give each team a different height for their list of players, so it's easier to see how many people are on each team. I like what they did to the server browser fonts on the servers. they unconsoled that up, now lets see it in other places.


                    Originally posted by IzaFly View Post
                    The PS3 will only be playing it at 1280x720...
                    So? Resolution isnt everything.


                      "spectator" feature in Instant Action

                      please I want
                      "spectator" feature in Instant Action too
                      thank you


                        PipedSwitchWeapons and Voice Command/Taunt bindings from within the UI. That's all I want, and were done!


                          weapon binding(pipedswitch)

                          speech Binder

                          one simple to use user ini like all the other Ut's you shhould NOT have to be a geek to play a 50.00 dollar game

                          more and better player skins without all the armour

                          smart bots who know how to play the game OR will at least follow orders not sit and pick thier noses in a vehicle

                          a get the he|| out of my vehicle bind

                          fix flak secondary

                          fix shock rifle secondary effect on vehicles MORE KNOCKBACK!!!

                          custom crosshairs with colors

                          there are a ton more but i am wasting spACE HERE


                            Originally posted by NFX View Post
                            • Flak secondary trajectory
                            Originally posted by Magwa View Post
                            fix flak secondary
                            ??? This is broken? Mine works pretty nicely.

                            Basically make UT3 AT LEAST AS customizable as UT2004 (through the UI) was on their latest patch.

                            Also, bring back client-side Demorec, what is the reasoning behind taking it out?


                              Crossplatform Lan, followed by even online crossplatform. Me and my friends wanna play together, and we can't


                                Be able to add/remove annoying white arrows in ctf.

                                Have all the players in a server shown on the scorecard instead of the first 10-12. (so no need to press escape to see the people who are in the server).

                                Be able to add buddies by right clicking their name in game.

                                Add a tiny box on the left of the screen which actually shows who is speaking on their mic while in game. Ive had moments when people on your team are voice talking and you don't even know who the hell it is.

                                To be able to have your own unique clan tag instead of having the [ ] brackets automatically installed in the game. This bracket is pretty much ruining the clan tags of several clans.