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Patch 2 -- what should be included?

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    1) copy/paste in console!!!
    2) uncapping FOV limit
    3) PipedSwitchWeapon command
    4) show players in server browser

    p.s. replace "lorem ipsum" by smth. useful when map is loading


      Originally posted by jamima69 View Post
      i'm starting to get the feeling i should have bought a ps3 instead of a 8800gt to play this game

      there's too **** much to be patched til this game even reaches the level of 2k4's options or gameplay.
      I think Epic should release a UT3 v2 more geared for PC users. I know it'll never happen, but that's what I wish for. Maybe for XMAS


        split screen would be nice, even though i know it probably wont be for patch 2, four player split would be best but twos better than none, sorry for bringing it up i know the admin already closed a thread cause of it.


          Originally posted by Sourpuss View Post
          Here are my hopes for Patch 2:

          Webadmin for servers

          Allow Linux servers

          Complete overhaul for User Interface to make it either UT99 UWindows or UT 2004. Problem right now is that it's slow and clunky and it's hard to go to the menus when you're in game, and who wants to load a Main Menu, anyway?

          Upgrade server browser to have all of the features of UT 2004 and UT99's browser combined.

          Fix inability to throw weapons in weapons stay games.

          Remove translocator limit.

          Fix flickering problems for nVidia 8800 series cards.


          Do that...and sales will increase...and player counts will increase...and I'll be able to convince my UT99 friends to take the game seriously.
          ITS should include better voice chat


            Invasion gametype!

            that hopefully wont be taken over by RPG


              There needs to be an option to exit back to the server list. I am tired of having to reconnect to the server browser whenever I leave a game.


                Originally posted by Lion of Zion View Post
                There needs to be an option to exit back to the server list. I am tired of having to reconnect to the server browser whenever I leave a game.

                Wee need ingame server browser!!!
                Its really annoying then server changes to some dumb map and i forced to:
                -Disconnect (This one is worst. Spends plenty of time to unload all the stuff)
                -Navigate via main menu
                -Look for servers again
                -Join (Load all again, even if i wanna play on SAME map)


                  Unreal Ed Collab

                  Unreal Ed Collab

                  This should be a standalone program that encourages collaboration on projects.

                  Mappers can start a project and this is added to an online Mapping WIP list.

                  If tagged public, people can view and download items that need texturing and can contribute staticmeshes and other assets.

                  The chief mapper can create a want list, stipulating items needed for the scene.

                  3D Modellers can contribute items to an online storage facilty which can be accessed by Mappers that can be easily and quickly downloaded and applied.

                  A texture and sound database can also speed up map development.

                  Any textures and assets which are already locally stored are tagged 'present' and ghost lighted.

                  If a WIP map is tagged private, other mappers can view screenshots or any components that are tagged viewable by the creator.

                  Mappers can flag a map they're working on as inactive or cancelled. When cancelling a project the default is to transfer over to other mappers or the community to continue the map. Might be tagged 'Up for grabs'.

                  Blueprints can be contributed too. This is to involve map lovers who are not necessarily map makers or who have problems running Unreal Ed but want to be involved.

                  A ranking system can be added to allow completed maps to be ranked by fellow mappers and a separate ranking list by players, and EPIC staff. 3 scores will produce a more reliable average.

                  At any stage mappers can flag their map as open, transferrable or closed. Open means anyone can download and change the theme. Transferrable means they want others to adopt their ideas or map. Closed means a team is working on the map and they do not want a host of variants to be created simultaneously.

                  Point Mode Mod

                  Players can't die.

                  When you hit an opponent their score against increase.

                  When they hit you their score for increases.

                  Each player has three point scores. For, against and Total (or Balance)

                  When a player is hit for x number of points, 200 for example, a shield activates that protects them so they can make some distance for a prior specified number of seconds.


                    More VCTF maps


                      I don't think the Point Mode mod idea will go over well.

                      The Unreal Ed Collab idea looks pretty good though.

                      +1 for Unreal Ed Collab.


                        hmm i made a more complete overview of all requests in a new thread
                        UT3 Patch 1.2 Overview of Community Requests


                          Originally posted by Leak View Post
                          Originally posted by RVonE View Post
                          Also, I would like EPIC to fix the install issue with the My Documents folder. When the My Documents folder isn't in its default location the proper .ini-files aren't generated results in the inability to save settings. Of course this is an issue that cannot be fixed with a patch because you install the game before you install the patch. Still, this needs to be fixed as this has been a widely reported issue since the beta.

                          I've got my documents folder mapped to a folder on my D: drive and it's all worked perfectly since day one.

                          And the "Unreal Tournament 3" folder in your My Games folder is (re-)created by the game itself when it's missing, so even if what you said were true it of course could be fixed with a patch.

                          np: Dominik Eulberg - Der Traum Vom Fliegen (Bionik)
                          No need to be so hostile. Like I said, this issue has been reported several times on these boards and Epic acknowledges it by offering a workaround (which is not a full solution):
                          Originally posted by WarTourist View Post
                          Hi Chibby. This sounds like a slightly different issue. If none of your settings are saving, it could be the game isn't creating the \my documents\my games\unreal tournament 3 folder. We've seen this occur if you move the \my documents folder off of c:.

                          A solution has been to add -nohomedir to your shortcut launching the game. This causes all configuration files to be kept local to where you installed the game, rather than the my documents folder.