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Patch 2 -- what should be included?

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    one thing i would like included. the ability to save the default game type to show in the filters. im a warfare player and would like to see an option to keep warfare selected in the filters to speed up server browsing.

    the ability to browse servers while in a game would be great too as it gets annoying having to keep disconnecting from a match if i wanna find a better server to find their is none.

    rocket launcher needs fixing. every so often i have loaded up the last three rockets in the rocket launcher to fire them, only for the game to switch weapons as the counter hits zero. therefore losing the rockets in the process as it does not fire them.

    there are still some invisible walls in the game too. i was in heatray when i tried to fire down from the wooden ramp to the sniper, down to the biorifle cellar room. it hit an invisible wall and stayed there as if in mid air.

    another bio problem is if the bio hits a shock core in mid air, the bio gel floats in that spot


      Originally posted by Timebomb View Post
      They definitely need to add an orange soda dispenser to the next patch.
      Yeah, as well as the kitchen sink and the moon on a stick...

      Oh, and it definitely needs more monkeys!!


        -Fix nightshade bugs. ( After healing the nightshade, the deployable ammos' numbers become wierd)

        -Bots should not see through walls

        -Teams auto balancing (so no more 5 vs. 10)

        -Auto kick idlers

        -Link guns should be able to be linked when repairing the vehicles and nodes.

        -Some levels (ex: Islander_Necris) should be more balanced


          biggest issues are the UI needs a complete overhall, get rid of the console UI, no ammount of tweaking to it is gonna make the community happy epic, remove the UI and give us the one we want.

          and number 2 dont bind Mouse refresh into the screen refresh rate. Thats just noob status


            laggard, the link gun does link... stand next to the other person.

            UI yes overhaul, its ugly as is.
            give me back PREFERENCES (tab-preferences in previous UTs) so i can manually (and easily) tweak my settings without having to read every INI file 200 times over.
            hopefully a bonus pack will come out with more customizations for chars and maps.
            fix the "rocket launcher has 2 ways to fire the alt fire" to "2 extra" because it has 3 ways to fire - spread, spiral, and grenades... i mean seriously you CAN count.. wait ut3... ut99, ut2k3, ut2k4... nope i guess not. :-p


              I'd like to be able to browse the server browser while in a server.

              I'd like my aim to somewhat resemble my aim in UT04...

              I'd like a lot more options.

              I'd like a cookie. And maybe some pie.


                Make all Warfare and VCTF maps the same

                There is no reason to have only 6 VCTFs...


                  It would be great if you could adjust the game's contrast and gamma settings in the video options menu. Add the option to remove the first person perspective when you die. I get dizzy with all the spinning that happens when I get gibed. Fix the skin reseting bug and allow players to change their skins during a match.


                    Found some more things to fix/add.

                    Make ~ (tilde) the default console key. F10 is way out of reach and gets me confused with Source games where sometimes people say "Press F10 to change your name" or something along those lines.
                    Fix the crash bug on Deck that I'm still having. I saw a workaround in someone's sig but I can't remember what it was.
                    Redirect for custom content with compression support. This would encourage more maps to be developed and would also encourage people to develop addons for server admins.
                    Fix Linux dedicated server. Working Linux dedicated server = more servers appearing in server browser = more players. Besides, Linux is a stable server platform.
                    ADD VOICE CHAT! I'm not sure if there's voice chat already included in Patch 1 tho.


                      there should be only 1 thing in the next patch, no more fucing stupid gamespy bullsheet.. give us back our ingame alias' and dump that garbage there is now, i only play this game 5% of my gaming time because this **** system..

                      if i could change my name at least.. id be motivated to do something with the game..

                      fuc wth puts gamespy in thier game? stupid? its like loading 100 of the worlds worse virus' onto ur comp.. gamespy is the worse thing ever made.. it was cool.. but not anymore.. the Epic crew needs to get with the times..

                      i say in this next patch, rip out all gamespy related garbage completely from the code, make it so profiles are not saved on a gs server but instead on a clients comp, so people can cfg and edit thier name etc., track people another way or wtf..

                      my anger will never end for gamespy!

                      and i swear to god, if theres a google toolbar option in the next patch (im expecting this sooner or later from epic).. i will go down to the studios and break jaws!!!


                        I would like many of the things people are asking in this thread plus :

                        - Proper localization of the patch which is not the case with 1.1 (every new items in the menus are in english despite my game is in another language).
                        - Correction of a tiny cosmetic bug in the UI : "when you open the menu to choose the level of the bots, the highlighted level is not the currently selected one but the one just below in the list".



                          People who say than Gayspy is **** never had deal with LIVE(tm).
                          This is pure ****. Believe me.
                          ****TIEST server browser i've even seen.
                          NO normal lan play.
                          NO connect by ip feature.

                          GS is like gift from heaven for me. (I though they'll add LIVE to UT3 like in GOW)


                            I would like to see a correction of some visual issues, like shooting-from-the-head bug (i thought this one was fixed in 1.1, but seems it's not), missing decals for some projectiles (like sniper bullet or shock core), ugly sprite explosions (seriously, even in the ut2k4 they looked better) and so on.

                            And of course more customizability!


                              Originally posted by bionicman View Post
                              shooting-from-the-head bug (i thought this one was fixed in 1.1, but seems it's not)
                              It FIXED but ONLY if server has 1.1 patch.


                                If not already, proper widescreen would be nice.

                                Good job Epic, love the changes so far.

                                Oh and being able to have a variable for mouse acceleration rather than just on/off if not already possible. I can see that as a way to change the gameplay but I miss that option to further customize the feel of movement and aim.