I have noticed that nobody seems to really be playing UT3 and I can hardly find servers with any people on them. Also I noticed that a lot of the pro clans have backed out and such because UT3 wasn't getting that popular, wasn't what they expected, etc. So what is the deal? Every time I hear someone talk about UT3 it is usually "The game is alright but nothing I really want to play." When I play it even I get bored within the first 5 minutes. I just think it is funny how Epic decided to turn the game into UT99 with better graphics so hardly any ut2004 players switched over and they are still playing ut2004. There were hardly and ut99 players left to begin with snd they are the only ones that are really plaing UT3. So Epic did a great job, they managed to get the tiny sized ut99 population and a few new spammers to to their franchise. I just can't see ut3 getting popular like the old ut's did with the pro clans, etc. So I am guessing that UT3 isn't gonna last too long since hardly anyone is even playing it now.