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    I've tended to play a lot of warfare so far and my biggest grudge of all is that on almost every map at least 50% of my deaths come from being run over. Its infuriating as it takes no skill to just run up behind someone and run over them, but it happens so often its just rediculous and seriously makes me wonder whether I should just play DM.

    The counter to these vehicles is the Avril, unfortunately, its so inconsistent that even that doesn't help that much. Sometimes I will switch weapons, lock on and fire and they're dead. Othertimes I'll switch weapons, lock on, click, click, click, click, click I'M DEAD.

    I just want to smack my monitor!

    Why is it sometimes taking several seconds to actually be available? Does it work better to just fire with the primary mouse?

    And why the hell cant it shoot enemies in the air at a distance. I fire it at someone with a straight path to it, and it decides... "Hmmm... I think I'll take a detour through these mountains..." Why!?

    Vehicles need a dramatic increase in the noise they make or they need to stop doing so much damage when running over people. If we can take a RL to the face I'm sure we can take an on coming vehicle. It should damage for 95 max so that you have to at least damage the person slightly before killing them.

    This would prevent people going straight to the enemy base and rampaging by just flying back and forth over the spawn points. A lot of the players are new and still dont know that avrils can kill them so they just keep dying and dying.

    To continue my whining :P Those spidermines are also rediculously powerful. Today I sat in the Floodgate bit and dropped spider mines on both sides of the node. I got to Godlike before I got out of the vehicle and luckily completed the Massacre with some combos. It required no skill whatsoever and something really should be done to address it.

    And yes I know this post is all about whining (and a little advice on the Avril), but I like to get frags properly and I really resent kills which don't take any skill so thats why it gets to me. I'm sure others are the same

    It's been in the game since day one, weapon switching now gives a delay to the weapon before it's able to shoot right after a switch.


      In general: Avoid being on foot for too long, try to travel with teleporters and vehicles. Turn the music off. Always have an AVRiL with you.

      -> AVRiL: I really played enough WAR by now to state it's really messed up. The loading issue is the same for me sometimes - you draw your AVRiL and can't fire for seconds, although it should be reloaded and all. Sometimes it works fine though. :/

      The other thing is the **** lock-on. Yesterday I had a total clear view on how it does NOT work properly. I fired, locked on (enemy Manta that was getting away from me in a straight line), the rocket followed and simply crashed into the ground far away from the manta. :S Lock-on is definitely messed up and needs to be addressed in a patch or something.

      Spider mines: Same feelings here. ^^ There are many people out there who like the Nightshade and actually use it in quite tactical and helpful ways, but still it's just overpowered. I got a massacre to other day just by placing mines randomly around our node and then driving away to help building another one. That's not my "style" - hiding in an invisible car and waiting for poor newbies to run into my mines (anyone else hates that extremely loud sound when the mines jump in your face? >_<).

      kaluro: That's not exactly what he is talking about.


        Also the AVRIL has to reload after every shot. If you switch to a different weapon before it reloads, it will do so the next time you use it.

        AVRILs travel to where they thing an enemy will be, not where they are. So if a vehicles moves, the AVRIL predicts their future location. Try shooting an AVRIL over the target, and when it gets close, lock on. This is a sneak attack, and much harder to avoid.

        Vehicles should kill you instantly when they hit you. Try staying aware of your surroundings, where enemy vehicles could come from, and occasionally turning around if you're out in the open.

        I do agree vehicles need more sound when approaching.


          Yeah, I really hate the loud noise of the spider-mines, but I love inflicting it on other people, lol. It would be nice if the nests could be destroyed somehow, maybe with just a specific type of weapon to make it more challenging.


            The AVRiL rocket predicts where your opponent will be doing his victory dance after destroying your core, then heads to that destination to intercept him and crashes into the nearest wall. Well... slightly exaggerated, but a little less prediction and a little more tailing would solve this issue.

            The spiders... I don't agree that everything in the game should take skill, but people should at least be able to get rid of the **** thing once they spot it.


              Originally posted by Xyx View Post
              The spiders... I don't agree that everything in the game should take skill, but people should at least be able to get rid of the **** thing once they spot it.
              Agreed. I should be able to blow up a trap once I spot it. A respectable amount of health should be on traps to level it out though. But I cant say the same about the slow volume as it seems fine at the moment.