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Defence vs. Camping

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    Originally posted by JUNGLIST MOVEMENT View Post
    Where did you find this??
    This is the third time I have seen this appear on a forum

    as for def vs camping..
    There is no fairness in war.

    wheres me sammich?
    I don't remember how I came accross it originally. But it changed the way I play UT. A must read for anyone interested in gaming ethics.


      Hehe, I was there - the first round a teammate parked the tank in the prime - the second time I did the same - but the other side did succeed in blowing up my tank by a combination of rockets through the side door and a manta. Then they took the tank node, and their tank then went on defence -which was effectively taken out by a demmer.

      So the moral of the story is - there is a counter to this tactic.
      -Defending your core is never an effective tactic.

      But it's defence. For this map, defence is crucial. It isn't camping.
      What is unacceptable is attacking locked spawnpoints with mines or tanks.

      The bollard in downtown should stop the tank from going up the stairs in the primary buildingthough. They don't. It perhaps would be better if they did.

      As for unwritten rules - the writers of the rules are Epic. A simple score tweak would help strengthen the unwritten rul

      Any footsoldier frags within spawnareas should not give the fragger any points if the node or core of that spawnzone is locked.

      Anybody in a vulnerable node is fair game. Anybody in a vehichle is fair game. But if you are at a locked core or locked nodes, it is a reasonable tactic even sometimes to attack that area to disrupt the attack and stablise your nodes.

      You should get no points for doing it. If you do it you do it for a tactical reason and not to get easy kills, fine.

      Lastly, us good players should always protect the weaker players in our team, and if we do have somebody who baserapes, I always make sure I give him an extra hard time whenever I see him.


        camping should be avoided in Death Match games
        as for the other game modes like CTF and WF, defense is all part of tactics
        and sitting still for hours is sometimes needed for a successful campaign

        as for spawn camping, thats just lame, tho it can be a successful tactic.

        note: all is fair in love and war


          Originally posted by Captain Sarcastic View Post
          Well technically a lot of people don't know what camping is because they use the term incorrectly.
          I call it camping, but I don't consider the word necessarily derogatory.


            If I notice a flag carrier running the same route over and over I will try and position myself so I can blast him on a blind corner or something.


              I think that no one is getting the concept of ctf. Its a combination of caturing the flag + defending your own.

              To much players are only busy killing or capturing or defending the flag carrier.
              Given that it should be fun to play for everyone but if you want to have frags, go play DM or some other gametype.