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Epic: Open IP, History and Follow player woes.

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    Epic: Open IP, History and Follow player woes.

    So we played our first clanwar/praccy in UT3 yesterday, was great fun.
    Since our Gameserverprovider refuses to offer UT3 (that linux server cant come fast enough) we had to play on the opponents server which meant typing the ip in the console.
    After the first map i crashed and tried to use the History tab to get back on the server but no luck.
    I then tried the Friends feature (Follow player) but they werent "Joinable" ( i guess because they waited for me and noone had pressed Ready?)

    This made me think about making this post with a couple of requests.

    Epic please,

    - Add Copy and Paste in the Console.
    - Make the History tab track servers youve visited through the "open IP" command.
    - Make it so you can follow Friends even if the game hasnt started yet.

    Not related but oh so much wanted is a warmup mode with the extra feature to sort players by Clantag when started.

    Thanks for reading.

    I agree with you, those are all features that would be helpful, I hope they do not lock this thread and actually listen to your suggestions, one thing I noticed too is that you can actually past in game just not in the console, I hope they fix it soon.


      i really hope they sort these things out, tho im not gonna get my hope up. epic craved out all the competive mp player features & dressed it up in a single player game. to bring a mp communitiy together you first have to have all players reading from the same page so to speak. epic took the view that if its not in the game the modding community will make it, thats all well and good but they will be mutators and prolly not allowed to be played in clanbase etc.

      i have been in quite a few clanbase games over the years, i have done the waiting for 2 hours while the clanleaders & cup admins argued over what is a legal mutator and what isnt. this is gonna get worse now as we gonna need a mutator just to have a warm up game :/

      im trying not to winge to much, its just i want unreal tournament to be what imo it should have been and that is a fun, competive mp experince and not just another single player game.


        Yea it would be nice if Epic could provide a "basic" match mutator that you can vote for.
        Nothing too detailed because lets face it, theres many opinions on these things.


          (Post deleted by user)


            Well the console keeps a record of your commands in the console, even when you you close the game and re-open the commmands are still saved just use the arrows, I know its not as good as copy and paste =[ agreed that as a need +11111