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Snail Mail to Epic?

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    Snail Mail to Epic?

    I was going to write a letter the old fashioned way to Epic's President Mike Capps. From what I have read in these forums, Epic does indeed read the forums equally to paper mail. So it is good either way.

    To: Mike Capps
    From: nomadicus

    In the UT3 Collectors Edition you say, "Our message to you is that we really, really care about this franchise, about making fun games, . . . We hope you think it was worth the wait. If not, I bet you'll tell us."

    Until the release of UT3, I have played only one game online -- UT2004.

    Sure I tried Half-Life2, Doom3, and Quake 4 but none of them had nearly the insane fun I have always had with UT2004 and in particular Onslaught. I have over 2,000 hours of online play time and that is a lot considering I started playing in my mid-forties.

    I love UT Onslaught as an online player as much as you or anyone at Epic.

    Therefore, it is with regret that I tell you UT3 Warfare is not nearly as fun as Onslaught.

    I do not feel I need to list the reasons. I am sure by now, you are painfully aware of them.

    So, this letter boils down to two things you stated in the Collectors Edition:

    "making fun games"
    Warfare online needs to be fun. The online Warfare numbers (and I assume the other game modes) are dropping quickly. Not good and certainly not fun. I am concerned Warfare will drift into obscurity.

    "we really, really care about this franchise"
    I hope you make a public statement without the political correctness I hear all too often. As of this moment I do not get the impression that Epic is concerned as much as I am (along with many, many others). I hope you do this in the very near future and outline the steps being taken.