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    UT3 Help

    I have bought the game yesterday, I knew that I couldn't play it in recommended requirement but it is nice buying it so I can upgrade my computer slowly, and tried playing it with minimum requirement in which I have:

    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz
    512mb of RAM (Very soon to be 1GB)
    Radeon 9600 (which needs to be upgraded I guess)

    When I try playing the campaign mode, it played a little bit great until my monitor blacked out and had to reset the tower. (Is this suppose to happen because of the lack of requirements?)

    also when I started playing, I tried moving left or right but I guess the controls are very different compared to UT'99.

    what settings u using 800x600 all 1?


      this game looks better than UT2004 when world detail is set to 1 haha.

      You might want to get a ShaderModel3 card, or if you got the extra bucks, get a midrange DX10 card. You can get DX9 cards cheaper now.
      I play with Texture and World detail set to "5" and play at 2xAF with ATI Catalyst AI on "Advanced". It helps smooths things out a bit. i get 40-60 FPS maxed out at 1650x1050 with a single overclocked 2600XT [512mb/DDR3]