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UT3 Warfare problem

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    Here is a guide that shows how to setup RivaTuner to change fan speed baised on the temp of the card. You have to leave RivaTuner open for it to work though.


      Sorry guys but my card is an 8600 gts 512. Is does NOT flicker in Vctf or DM. It's only doing that in WARFARE mode.


        Originally posted by NitrousOxide View Post
        I'm pretty sure its the 2 MB of RAM...
        Hell even my comp has more then that..


          Originally posted by kaluro View Post
          The 8800gt 512mb has a fan problem, it stays at 29% and you have to manually raise the fan speed in order to get it cooled properly.

          I am not sure if that goes for over cards as well, but if it does.. it cóuld be overheating.
          It's amazing that nVidia screwed that up so badly with their reference BIOS. Based on what I've read at other forums, some board partners are fixing it and future 8800 GTs will have a larger cooling fan, going to a 70 mm fan from a 60 mm fan.