i am using a ZD Soft Game Recorder NOT fraps caz following reasons :

and each time i load UT3 with that running on the background its like UT3 knows it and it crashes for no reason, and then it crashes everything running in the windows sometimes i have to manually Force reset button on the the case that happens like 1 in 10 try outs.

i wonder why can't i recorder it even when i run UT3 on windows mode 800 x 600 pixels or my usual resolution 1280 x 960 pixels fullscreen mode?!
i also wondering if there is any think like source TV (or whatever its called) within UT3 console

can someone please help me with this? //** even though i know inside UT3 release note they have said "If you are using third party applications like Xfire: You may experience a performance drop. Disabling these applications will possibly improve your performance. For support please go to http://www.xfire.com." but xfire runs fine and with no problems at all, its just the game recorders or windows media player that can make it crash , sometimes i can even minimize UT3 when i run it on fullscreen and play around with Photoshop or browse the web ,etc, why can't i run ZD Soft Game Recorder its a mystery to me