This has likely been discussed before, but I couldn't find any specific threads with search. I think it bears repeating though, since it's a huge issue with an otherwise viable, if difficult, map.

There is a way to get up to the redeemer level from the ground in both the red and blue bases. The one from the red base is common enough that you'll see people doing it all the time on pubs. I myself gave into the temptation to try it a couple times against my better judgement, and boy did it make the other team irate, understandably. I apologize to anyone who was in that game, and as an attempt to make it right I thought I'd make this thread.

Anyway, here's an illustration (mspaint go!)

This requires 2 jumpboot charges to do, but if you make it up there, you're pretty much guaranteed to be home free unless a fury/viper is on your tail or you get ambushed by someone waiting for the redeemer. It was disturbingly easy to do and can rapidly win a game otherwise mired in stalemate.

This would seem to put the red team at a huge disadvantage, but as I investigated further in instant-action I found that the blue team is actually much worse off. The one from the red base, while decidedly imbalanced, is "legit" in that the rock is both visible and solid, making logical sense that you can jump on it. On the other hand, the one in the blue base is invisible, easier to climb, and requires only 1 jumpboot charge.

This picture shows where it is:

You can walk right up onto it from the right side, resulting in this:

You won't see this done on pubs much because of its obscurity, but once people start figuring it out (and they will), it could easily turn the map into a jump-boots happy 20 second cap-a-thon. With the lean selection of maps already available, it hurts pretty bad to cut one out of the rotation entirely.

On a side note, it's possible to get up there anyway with a good piston jump and 1 jumpboot charge, but that's a whole other can of worms that could impact (get it?) several maps.

Anyway, here's to hoping epic addresses this in an upcoming patch.