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UT3 game modes and features chat

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    UT3 game modes and features chat

    Talk about all the cool features and your dislikes and wants in the game.

    Hoverboard is a cool gadget which is a + but i really like the translator...

    a Invasion mod has been made - so all is happy...

    And the xbox 360 will never get a port cause it sucks real bad and cannot handle all the new content that ut3 can put out.

    Originally posted by nomadicus View Post
    How do you mean? The artwork is incredible. The attention to detail, etc.
    My beef is I play warfare mostly, and once you get on a team you are stuck. So you either win every match or lose every match. There is no balancing like UT2004.
    He means not enough online game modes...

    Assualt and onslaught were mixed into warfare, invasion was never made and intergrated into ut3 lastmanstanding has well.. became duel but in a oh so rubbish way... campain thing sucks all it is really is a tournaments with a cool video's and does not have a real war feel...