I have a issue with certain things on the menu that do not stay after i close the game. My key binds would go back to default till i patched the game, but now they stick which is a god send. However, unlike UT2004, any mutators i add have to be added every time i open the game. In 2004 i added what i wanted and they would stay in the active list permanently until i manually removed them. Also, i have the same problem with the part of the menu where you choose the number of bots and how many goals you want the game to go to and the time limit. Again, more settings that stick in 2004 but in UT3 they are back to default when the game is closed. by the way, i only play SP.

the question is, do you think it was done like this on purpose and will stay this way, or do you think it will be "fixed" in a future patch ? I posted about this because for me this is a huge issue, as neither this game or UT3 are very desirable games to me unless i can customize quite a few details to my liking. And if i have to reset all these things every time i play i probably won't play the game just like i didn't before the patch due to having to rebind all my keys every time. So i'd like to know if this is considered a bug and will be fixed of if you think they're leaving it like this.