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Best sound card for under $150?

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    That has nothing to do with the quality of the sound, you still hear near everything with a poor sound setup, you just don't get the vibrant highs and deep lows.


      Thats the Point, cheap Soundcards and Headphones will do the Job, but better Equipment will do it "better", and it`s not easy to describe the difference. You have to try it by your own.

      Years ago, i owned one of these old 5.1 Systems by Creative Labs, i thought its fine, but then, i bought a "Teufel Concept E" (Teufel is German Producer for High-Quality Sound Systems), and its a difference like Day and Night. Turning up the Volume doesnt take affect to the Sound itself, it just gets louder without that noisy scratches.
      And deep Frequencies below 50 Hz, they are really deep, you can feel it more than hearing it.

      As i said, you have to try it by your own, ask a Fried or someone else with good eqipment.


        I'm with the cheaper sound crowd on this one. I'm all for high performance audio when it comes to home theater and car audio setups, but for gaming I'm just too busy to care about it too much. It would be nice, but I just can't see spending the $ on it.