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Finding Video Card Drivers

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    Finding Video Card Drivers

    I among others are have the game freeze up during gameplay all the time.
    I am pretty sure its a video issue, and I need to update my video card drivers.
    I've heard the experts say that you really really really need to update drivers.

    I have an ATI 9800 Radeon Pro video card,
    and the driver that ATI offers on their website doesnt intall,
    and I do uninstall the old one first, so I am doing it right.

    Does anyone know some good websites to find Video Card Drivers,
    especially for my ATI 98000 Pro, I know its old, but its all I got for
    the time being, and it is under minimal requirements.

    Here is the one I tried but will not install, I get some error.

    I obviously need a older driver than the one they are offering.
    Any input on this would be cool, I'm sure there are others out there having the same issues that would like some answers, unless its something that Epic needs to fix in a patch or something.

    Sometimes you find with older cards that you get better performance with an older driver. There's a website called Guru3D with a lot of relevant info and also drivers.



      Edit: I was too slow, but seems to be very popular...

      At thread "Cat 7.9 / 7.10 problem (direct3d fails) with 9800pro" you may find the solution for your problem:

      Here you can download older Catalyst versions:
      XP x32:
      Vista x32:



        Thanks for the input,

        I was looking at the link to a forum you posted, they were talking about updating directx,

        I found the information on my DirectX version with the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, I found it under Windows Center on my computer,
        if you search for directx its under troubleshooting.
        How do I know what version of DirectX to download, if I wanted to update my directx, I'm pretty sure i cant be using the DirectX 10,
        because my computer is 3 years old, but does it matter, is there one directx update for all users?

        I was also wondering if the Control Panel for the ATI 9800 pro is effecting how the game freezes up on me,
        I read somewhere that they tried to shut it off, to get game to stop freezing,
        I need the Control Panel to display videos on my TV, via secondary display,
        but if theres a way to temporarily shut it off, I would try it.

        My computer SPecs
        ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
        AMD Athlon XP 2600+
        1.93 GHz , 1 gig RAM
        Windows XP Profesional
        Version 2002
        Service Pack 2

        I havent tried it yet but this link seems to hit on the subject a little.


          i found that the 7.8 ati driver version worked with my card well, and now the game isn't crashing or freezing,
          i had problems installing the newer driver the 7.11,
          i tried to install the 7.11 driver several times,
          it may just have been the way i was uninstalling the old drivers,

          i found out that uninstalling the old drivers by the conrol panel -
          add/remove programs - to remove all ati software,
          then i ran 'REGCLEANER' program, which cleans registry of ATI software,
          then restarted computer and installed driver 7.8
          i installed display driver first then the control panel
          which i need for tv display for videos,

          this link tells how to remove ATI software manually


            you need a better graphics card bro