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    Originally posted by [TT]BrundleFly View Post
    Midway brought in some 'honeys' for the recent UT3 launch

    Honey's ? Whoa, ugh, I'd hang a bag of oats on the "honey" in the middle. And the other two would scare the devil...
    I think they were showing the game through people.

    The first one represents the gamplay the second the graphics and the 3rd the interface.


      Originally posted by WrATH View Post
      Yes I know it has HDR in the engine, just look at Assassin Cread, but they are not using it at all in UT3 like the older videos. Bloom shaders are good for glowing effect like on the weapons and pickups which is whats used, but for the environment HDR just looks superior and clear.

      I wish you would do something about the lighting in the game as well, Deck looks like something out of Doom3 and looks bad(doom3 looked good and did it well, they just missed the light on the weapons ), I dont know what it is with the obsession with dark levels relying on glow effects to see stuff.
      Actually Assassin's Creed isn't running on UnrealEngine3... it's on its own engine. Also -- it uses HDR all the time... you cannot turn it off... the effects of HDR you can edit however. I tend to like Vivid mode.


        Originally posted by UT3sysop View Post
        Well no kidding... just for your info DX10 is NOT implemented in the game at this time. So how can you say it "WORKS JUST FINE?"

        The game renders perfectly fine in DX10.