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Clientside demos intended not to work.

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    I really hope that this is not true ...

    Clientside demos are important to catch cheaters and to coverage some tournaments and leagues.

    And to be honest the delivered serverside demos are ****!

    If Epic does not support clientside demos, ut3 will have a hard time in leagues and tournaments and therefore the future of ut3 will be in danger.

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  • started a topic Clientside demos intended not to work.

    Clientside demos intended not to work.

    Over at there was news posted about clientside demos not working and that it was intentional by Epic that they dont work.

    You can find the direct link here.

    Supposedly a comment made on Epics mailinglist said "Client demos aren't supported; it's not supposed to let you try to record."

    While Jeff Morris at Epic had this to say "UT3 only supports server side demos, which would include instant action."

    It beats me as to why Epic would do this. If its anything near to the fact that they cant seem to get clientside demos to work as good as server side demos, then its a horrible excuse. Ya know I really would hate to see this continue, I think the people over at Epic are really talented, and they make excellent games, but when it comes down to developing a product, its small things like these that can cause some disappointment between the fanbase.

    People whom have played UT1 or UT2k4 have never had much trouble with clientside demos. Many others and I were just happy that we could record, and watch demos without the need to speak to a webadmin of the server. To see it not work at all is rather disturbing.