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warfare video problems

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    warfare video problems

    After a few minutes playing any map in warfare ... everything on my screen begins to blink rapidly, characters will phase in and out along with backgrounds and vehicles ...

    This NEVER happens on any TDM or CTF map ... I'm running vista 64bit, AMD 6000+ and an 8800 GTS 640mb ...

    Anyone experienced the same or have a fix for this?

    Yep. Happens to me all the time. I just gave up on Warfare.


      This happens to me sometimes. Some have said it's possibly a heat issue (the video card overheating). It was happening to me at the same positions in maps, so, at least for me, I don't think it's heat related. I updated the driver for my video card (8600M GS - I'm on a laptop) to version 169.12 and it has been happening less often. So try updating/changing your video drivers.

      Seems driver version 169.17 is out now. I'll have to give it a go later.


        It happens to me too. But i am playing a beta patch version it is supposed i should not have, so if theres some inestability i can not complain.

        Also, i have to try to use non beta drivers (now using 169.12 ).
        I think non beta drivers works better on unreal.


          Yo dude,

          do you happen to have this problem?

          There's no solution for it yet, Epic is working on it with NVIDIA!