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Will this work to play UT3 good?

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    Originally posted by oldkawman1 View Post
    The sales staff knows that graphics card is ****. They are just setting up the buyer to return for an upgrade. Then they can sell them an 8600GTS for $379 or a 8800GTS 320 for $499 or some other way overpriced card.
    yep, every time i see those Best Buy Ad's with computers that have BioShock displayed with an 8500 card, i laugh!

    some sales ppl dont know anything about video cards. they just want you to buy the top of the line one when it isnt necessary.


      Originally posted by Fruktmixer View Post
      Here is the info ..
      i get this for christmas but i just want to know if it will work

      Computer : HP - AMD Athlon X2 6000+
      Processor - 6GHZ
      Ram : 2 gig ram
      Hardrive : 1000gig space
      Grafic card : Nvidia 8500x GT 512/1279 MB or something like that..
      Windows : Vista home premium
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