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The community and its problems

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    Good Points!

    It would be nice to see more people online.

    However a lot of reasons why we see such a low amount of people playing is due to the high expectations we all had for UT3 and didn't have them fulfilled. I can only conclude by saying if we get those things back that we are missing, I believe we would see the online community grow as a result. I personally would love to start playing Instagib CTF with UT3 when we get some speech bindings going.

    But until then, i've always got UT99 to fall back to

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  • started a topic The community and its problems

    The community and its problems

    UT99 is still very popular after many many years, UT2004 is practically dead.
    I have researched the reasons for this. There are several:

    - First of all, its the people itself that change. Most of us diehard UT players started when we were pretty young, and that still counts. But as computers/gaming and especially with consoles, young people are more and more used to easyness. It's seen throughout the history of mankind, people tend to get lazy. That is why, if things don't work out for someone, he will easily give up. UT is just like any other game in the first place. The only ones that will keep trying are the fans. Now, this is a tricky part because this is mainly in the hands of Epic. But there are things we can to help, every little effort counts. After all, UT3 will probably decide the whole future of UT. Whenever someone has problems, help him! Give him a link to a patch or just to this forum.
    - IRC, UT99 and 2k4 came with a ingame irc client. But UT2004 had a problem, whenever you tried to connect to a network other than ut's, it will connection time out every 2 or 3 minutes. And besides that, you cant find it. UT3 has no inbuilt client at all! While IRC is probably one of the most important parts of the community. Many many gamers gather on big networks like Quakenet to form clans and play fungames. We need to get the people in publics on IRC! Spread the word! Add people you like to friends and message him about IRC. Almost any clan is dependant on irc. Same with my clan, without our private war channel, I wouldnt know how to get people in the same server together, or in the same teamspeak! What can we do? Be on IRC tp support pickup channels activity and tell noobs about it.
    - Friendlyness in publics. This is a problem in all games, and we can change that ourselves. We need to be friendly in publics. When the teams are unfair, switch team in order to make it fair. Have chitchat with people. Imagine, you've never played UT before, you buy UT3 and go online. And there you end up in a team loosing hard because its 10vs6. Now we don't care about loosing and winning anymore but for beginners it can be very frustrating.
    - Overall UT activeness. I have this myself too, I somehow don't play public as much anymore as I used to do with 99/2k4. Why? I don't know. But it makes UT3 look dead. While vCTF or Warfare (with the right playercount dont go in servers over 12 players) can be very awesome for a change. Very, very awesome Get out there and play! When nobody is playing, join an empty public server and explore maps till it is 1on1.. 1on2.. 2on2 etc etc.

    You CAN make a difference!