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what performance should i expect with my spec?

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    finally i kept the same setting level except lowering screen to 70% and there is a 10fps boost, which means changing from completely unbearable (20+ fps) to somehow playable (30 to 40 fps).

    i also tried overclocking the GPU and memory but surprisingly it doesn't do anything to get the game smoother at all...well in this case i guess it's the CPU that is bottlenecking the graphic card performance.

    Anyway the game runs much better now and i can finally sit down and enjoy.

    thx for all the replies guys.


      Is there a feature in UT3 to measure the FPS or do you guys/gals use fraps or something?


        Originally posted by herlitz View Post
        Is there a feature in UT3 to measure the FPS or do you guys/gals use fraps or something?
        stat fps<enter>

        Lather, rinse, repeat to turn it off again.

        np: Cobblestone Jazz - W (23 Seconds)


          Nevermind, fount the Stat FPS command

          AMD Athlon 3500+ (three years old now, single core)
          3GB DDR 400 RAM
          ATI x1950 pro 512 MB

          Runs like a clock, at
          Res 1680x1050
          Texture 5
          World 3

          FPS ranges from 25 to 40
          NO CLOCKING!

          I'm gonna replace my old CPU with an AMD Athlon X2 4200+ and see the improved results


            old system (last week)

            amd 3700+
            1g pc3200 2-2-2-5 xms corsair ram
            evga 7800gtx

            not OC'd

            25-80 frames depending on where I was at in the map. Shang (outside the shock by the statue looking at the bridge / amp area (standing below the sniper)) is where my frames hurt the most

            new system

            intel q6600 quadcore
            2g corsair xms ram
            xfx 8800gt

            Not OC'd

            90-700 fps. I never drop below 90, and it usually idles on any map between 90-250 depending on where I'm at in the map. (the same place on shang where I used to get 25, I now get 90) And firefights have no impact for me on fps.

            I got 743fps in spec mode out of the map.. rofl