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What is the most overused weapon?

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    In the demo I would have voted stinger. Now you rarely see someone use the stinger. They're always using a rocket launcher.

    Originally posted by Vidiot
    And what's "ASMD"?
    The ASMD was the name of the shock rifle in Unreal. The shock rifle's full name is actually ASMD shock rifle. ASMD stands for: "And Suck My Dick"


      I googled it just for fun, and this is an acronym list that showed up:

      ASMD Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
      ASMD Air Surface Missile Defense
      ASMD Aircraft Squadron Manning Document
      ASMD Algorithmic State Machine and Datapath
      ASMD Anterior Segment Mesenchymal Dysgenesis
      ASMD Antiship Missile Defense
      ASMD Approximate Spectrum Matching Detector
      ASMD Association of Science Museum Directors
      ASMD Association of Sewing Machine Distributors
      ASMD Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division

      Stupid list. No one's ever heard of any of those. It should have shock rifle.


        Originally posted by Sterling View Post
        In the demo I would have voted stinger. Now you rarely see someone use the stinger. They're always using a rocket launcher.
        Same thing I'd say but I would replace "rarely" with "less often" for the Stinger. When you are in close range vs skilled player that use Rockets, you health can go from 200 to 0 within seconds. You really don't have the time to recover or flee away and you are already dead.

        I'd like to have it more balanced but if I have to choose between a gameplay like UT3 with Rockets dominating or UT2004 with hitscan dominating... the choice definitively goes for UT3 without any doubt. I think it's mostly because of the Flak being too weak that the Rockets looks overpowered. Shock combo radius could see a reduction...


          Originally posted by bclagge View Post
          The solution? Increase the switch speed so that people don't have to go with the safe bet of rockets in all situations.



            In UT99 The rocket launcher was a lot deadly...especially with the bigger salvo avaiable.

            Then it was the flack - the damage was high even on long distance shots.

            In UT2004 the shock rifle was almost overused - close, long - any range.

            In UT3 the rockets deal more damage (100?) on direct hit than splash compared to ut2004 which brings some sort of more satisfying effect when hiting someone direct with a rocket

            The flack and the rocket launcher are preffered weapon in ANY ut because of their one-hit-kill ability. You cannot do that with stinger or link gun. Veterans preffer the shock rifle of course - it gives the hitscan with the abiliy of one-hit-kill.

            Bio rifle seems better on this version as damage but less as affected area.

            The Cool thing in UT series (especially in UT3) is that almost every weapon's alternative fire really give alternative for tactics.

            Balance of weapons is good thing - there will be dominant weapons (newbie friendly, map friendly, situation friendly and so on) but better than One > all in every aspect weapon.


              Flack, Flax, Fluk, Flok, Flyk, come on ppl make up your minds already. It's Flak , Flak, Flak .

              Besides, the most overused weapon is the RL clearly. Nobody uses the flack (ah now they've got me doin it) any more


                Flax... Omega 3 for everyone!!!!


                  The stinger is the most overused weapon.
                  Not in "the most used weapon" sense but in the "more used than necessary to the point of being annoying" sense.
                  In the stinger case, every time it's used it's one more time than necessary and annoying.


                    Rocket Launcher. Eat enemies up close for breakfast, and the quick lock-on works for long distance as well.


                      Amped link gun/stinger. No wonder, because it racks up kills fast.

                      Rockets are clearly the easiest kills, indeed.
                      But compared to previous UT games, I have to note that I see much more effective use of the bio rifle and even the impact hammer.


                        Originally posted by Jocked View Post
                        ASMD = Shock Rifle for us 1337 veterans.

                        I may be overusing Flak, it's just so much fun.
                        yea. i wish theyd bring back the ASMD bit. sounded technical XD.

                        and yea, im not really a flak user, but the new one is so... responsive like the old 1

                        gibs for everybody!


                          i defo find the pea shooter (bio rifle) most efective, in tight corridors, and shock rifle for open areas


                            Rockets are no doubt the most used weapon in DM.

                            In Warfare kinda depends on the map... avalanche is rockets rockets rockets while Torlan is more stinger stinger stinger.


                              No weapon is overused.


                                the shock is overused in my eyes. especially on dm and tdm