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    Originally posted by Ethyn View Post
    I want to be able to jump from the center stretch to the sides (where the link gun is) but nope.. can barely do it if it all.. nerfed jump. Let's go the long way to where I wanted to be.
    its easy
    1. you can do it with just double jump (yes really!), but you need perfect timing for it (pretty hard).
    2. or more easy way is to do double jump+wall-dodge


    i'm fan of trix

    PS. I like the mpa scaling, but design is dark and ugly


      Originally posted by Stage View Post
      do a rocket, asmd, or impact jump.
      But that hurts..

      I know you can do a double jump but its like.. I get SO close to it and fail. So so close oh the pain.. PAIN!


        Okay, Deck17 was NOT "horrible." The style of DM play that UT2004 had just did not offer a realisic alternative to capturing the feel and style of the original Deck. Now with UT3 being much closer in movement and physics to the original UT, the smaller DM-Deck (smaller than Deck17) captures about 75% of the feel of the original.

        Deck17 was easily one of the top handful of DM maps in the retail release of 2k4.

        UT3 Deck matches the scale of the original Deck16, but the game is so much faster paced that you can manuever it much more quickly. If you question this, start walking straight through the rox portal and don't stop until you get to the shock boxes on the opposite side, then drop right back down to the rox and go through the compare that to how long it would have taken you in the UT99 iteration of Deck.

        Not good, not bad, but not as condusive to 10-12 player FFA the way the original was. The maps "feel" spammier with the same player counts as UT99, but the maps just don't comfortably accomodate as many. Splash for splash, UT3 has wholly less "spammy" weaponry than UT. Again, not good, not bad, just different.