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dont tell me all you use keyboards

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    2 thumbbuttons on my mx500 are for link and mini and the top mousebutton is for shield

    it doesn't matter much what u use tbh, just stick with it and make it ur own


      Originally posted by AnubanUT2 View Post
      This argument always makes me laugh because the K&M people just refuse to accept that some people are actually very very good with a controller/gamepad. Some of us have been playing with controllers for years and have become incredibly good with them. UC2 made sure that you became even better. If you can play at least Adept on that game then you can keep up the average player on a K&M ... at least that is my take on the matter. Now I admit that I still find it a bit easier to use a K&M for shooters but take Gears for example. There's a game I actually prefer to use the gamepad with and not the K&M and that is even though the aiming for me is a tad bit easier on the K&M it just does not feel right ... same with Lost Planet.

      I just wonder if you gamers have ever watched the Pro gaming circuit on G4TV ... the one where they play Halo 2 tournaments. Man I am pretty sure that any of those dudes could handle themselves quite well against any K&M folks around. It would be very interesting to see the best Halo player take on Fatal1ty on a PC playing Gears of War since that game supports the use of a gamepad or K&M. I don't know who would win but I know it would be very interesting. I don't even know that it would ever end this seemingly eternal debate tbh but it would be a helluva lot of fun to watch.
      Haha, good old K&M vs Gamepad arguement.

      I have one point on this everytime it's brought up.
      Putting aside skill-set, personal preference, and everything else that normally comes up in this arguement; the K&M combo has one major advantage: the mouse.

      A mouse has no limitation to movement and tracking speed and can be adjusted almost limitlessly. A joypad no matter which one, will always be limited to it's 360 degrees of rotation and the speed at which it uses this input to affect character view.