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What do YOU want to see in the upcoming patch?

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    What do YOU want to see in the upcoming patch?

    Let me begin by saying that I have tested the upcoming patch, as many others have.

    We've all seen the patch logs (If not, head over to beyond unreal and check them out). I think its safe to say that many, if not most of the issues we have all been worried about are being addressed. However there are still some things that may have the community worried that have not yet been mentioned in any patch notes.

    The purpose of this thread is to compile a list of things that could make it in time for the first patch release. The second beta version of the patch is soon to be available for download (Many major fan sites have the download link, but have been advised to not yet make it public).

    A couple simple additions that I personally would like to see applied to the next patch are as follows...

    1) Please give us graphical options via the menu system to support in-game AA (for users that can support it), AF, Bloom, Motion Blur, DoF.

    2) Please get rid of the 'advanced options' tabs, and simply bring everything into a singular screen that represents everything of that class, such as Sound / Video / Input / HUD etc... Epic, you must remember that you are dealing with PC users, not just the console fan base. We need a separate menu system to accommodate to our needs.

    3) The addition to join multiplayer games as a spectator is great. Why not give us back the option to join our own bot matches as such? This was a feature in UT2Kx, if its not broken, dont fix it. Also, if we are spectating a multiplayer game, give us an option to 'Join the Fight' if there are enough player slots available.

    4) Supply users with a means of viewing the server IP without typing in console commands.

    5) Please disable DoF while in the main menu. It seems that the UI team put at least some effort in showing a fly-through of a level in the background of the menu. However, those of us with DoF enabled (most everyone), cannot even tell that anything is going on back there. This is a EASY and FAST fix, and there is no reason why it cant be done in the near future.

    Epic, we can all truly respect UT3's gameplay as a very successful addition to the franchise. However, as scores have been showing, the weakest part of the game is in the menus and UI. Please don't push a patch that simply adds a couple bells and whistles to an already broken system. Even if its not in time for this upcoming patch, an entirely new menu layout may be necessary. *We are not looking for a simple, watered down menu. We are looking for efficient, functional customization of gameplay experience. The current menu has none.

    Please share some of the things you feel are still a very necessary (and feasible) addition to the upcoming patch. This thread is NOT for huge gameplay additions, but rather more focused on where the game currently lacks, UI and menu.

    Want To See The Server Side Completely Fixed including WebAdmin ( thats whats keeping me from having my own server ) and Want to see DX 10 Support On The Client Side!


      Yep, more detailed graphics settings is meeded.
      I currently have DoF=False but I would like some of it turned on. Like some of that bright lighton some items. Because it looks nice in some places but generally are too bright. Also I think that some of the advantages you get from turning DoF off is allmost like cheating(water and amp effects becomes dissabled).


        I think the Graphic's engine is perfect (as far as how the game looksand plays) all I would request (without going into lengthy detail) is to re-add all the lost gaming options that were left out from UT99 and 2K4.


          I'd like to see on-screen messages. I want to see when others on my team, who killed them, and with what weapon. It's a small detail, but it's important!

          Just like UT2k4 had: give us 3-5 lines of the console screen.


            Those Necris bike things. They are locked after a bot or an apponent uses them. That needs to be fixed.


              I want to be able to run the game without it crashign to desktop on launch.


                its not what i want to see in it... i jus want to see it