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I got killed in the worst way possibe/ I killed someone in the worst way possible.

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    Originally posted by Aurora|XT View Post
    I think getting run over by a Levi is the most humiliating death. Its big, load and stupidly slow...
    I'm sure we all have crushed the computer AI in campaign mode with the Leviathon. I certainly have! Oh you stupid stupid AI coming so close to the megatank.. man that's GOTTA hurt


      How about flag running on Suspense, going up to the bridge on your side, and going on the hoverboard to go across while the bridge is filled with snipers from your team and somehow, the instant you're visible, one of the shots the other team took missing your teammate ends up going straight through your head. 3 teammates sitting on a bridge sniping and NO ONE grabbed that flag

      Or how about getting a missle lock while in a heavily damaged raptor. You jump out trying to avoid being killed only to heroically save your raptor by jumping into the line of fire...


        Originally posted by LordDemitri View Post
        rofl, I love when teammates get killed by spawning vehicles. So many bizzare deaths to witness.
        i hate it when that waiting for a spawning vehicle and it spawns right on top of me....