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Intel's bragging about 'gaming' processors?

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    I'm no expert, but isn't it "on-die?"


      Originally posted by lem06 View Post
      For all the slammers of AMD. jus remember this... ur little intel processors would cost u three times as much if it wasn't 4 AMD.

      now suk that down
      Who cares? I don't. All I want is a good cpu. I don't care who has it or why or how they got it. It just matters that they have the best at the best price.


        #48 ROFL!

        Good lord man! Grow a brain! Show me something from AMD or keep your ignorance to yourself! I saw the diagrams at the seminar, I had them explained to me by AMD employees, it isn't there and never was! There is NO on dye memory controller for the system memory!

        Correction, the 64 bit version does, the 32 bit does not.

        Key Architectural Features

        The industry's first true Quad core x86 processor
        True quad-core designed from the ground up for better communication between cores.
        BENEFIT : Cores can communicate on die rather than on package for better performance

        AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture

        Helps improve system performance and efficiency by directly connecting the memory controller and I/O to the CPU.
        Designed to enable simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing
        Integrated DDR2 Memory Controller
        BENEFITS :
        Increases application performance by reducing memory latency
        Scales memory bandwidth and performance to match compute needs
        HyperTransport™ Technology provides up to 14.4GB/s peak bandwidth per processor—reducing I/O bottlenecks
        Up to 27.2GB/s total delivered processor-to-system bandwidth (HyperTransport bus + memory bus)

        AMD Balanced Smart Cache

        Shared L3 cache
        In addition to the 512K L2 cache per core, up to 2MB of L3 cache shared by up to 4 cores.
        BENEFIT : Shortened access times to highly accessed data for better performance.

        AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator

        128-bit floating point unit (FPU)
        High performance (128bit internal data path) floating point unit per core.
        BENEFIT : Larger data paths for quicker floating point calculations and better performance.

        HyperTransport™ technology

        One 16-bit link up to 3600MT/s
        Up to 8 .0 GB/s HyperTransport™ I/O bandwidth; Up to 14.4GB/s in HyperTransport Generation 3.0 mode
        Up to 27.2GB/s total delivered processor-to-system bandwidth (HyperTransport bus + memory bus)
        BENEFIT : Quick access times to system resources for better performance.

        Integrated DDR2 DRAM Controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology

        A high-bandwidth, low-latency integrated DDR2 memory controller
        Supports PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066*); PC2-6400 (DDR2-800), PC2-5300 (DDR2-667), PC2-4200 (DDR2-533) or PC2-3200 (DDR2-400) SDRAM unbuffered DIMMs
        Support for 64-bit DDR2 SDRAM memory
        Up to 12.8GB/s memory bandwidth
        BENEFIT : Quick access to system memory for better performance.

        AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) With Rapid Virtualization Indexing

        Silicon feature-set enhancements designed to improve the performance, reliability, and security of existing and future virtualization environments by allowing virtualized applications with direct and rapid access to their allocated memory.
        BENEFIT : Helps virtualization software to run more securely and efficiently enabling a better experience when dealing with virtual systems

        AMD Cool'n'Quiet™ 2.0 technology

        Enhanced power management features which automatically and instantaneously adjusts performance states and features based on processor performance requirements
        For quieter operation and reduced power requirements
        BENEFIT : Enables platform designs providing less heat and noise efficient performance and energy usage.

        AMD CoolCore™ Technology

        Reduces processor energy consumption by turning off unused parts of the processor. For example, the memory controller can turn off the write logic when reading from memory, helping reduce system power.
        Works automatically without the need for drivers or BIOS enablement.
        Power can be switched on or off within a single clock cycle, saving energy without comprimised performance.
        BENEFIT: Helps users get more efficient performance by dynamically activating or turning off parts of the processor.

        Dual Dynamic Power Management™

        Enables more granular power management capabilities to reduce processor energy consumption.
        Separate power planes for cores and memory controller, for optimum power consumption and performance, creating more opportunities for power savings within the cores and memory controller.
        BENEFIT Helps improve platform efficiency by providing on demand memory performance while still allowing for decreased system power consumption
        Learn more about AMD Phenom™ processors

        *Pending JDEC approval and release of DDR2-1066 specification

        © 2007 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, AMD Phenom, AMD Virtualization, Cool'n'Quiet, Dual Dynamic Power Management, AMD CoolCore Technology and combinations thereof, are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. HyperTransport is a licensed trademark of the HyperTransport Technology Consortium. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other jurisdictions. Other names are for informational purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

        Odd? Everything they told us at the seminar doesn't seem to jive with what they show on the website? Now I am confused! They showed us a map of the Phenom processor, they explained every component and there was no memory controller for the system memory! I still have the hand outs and it isn't there either. Yet on the websites it is there? What the heck gives?

        Another reason I like Intel! If you hear it at a seminar, you can trust it is accurate! So? If I am wrong? Fault AMD for giving me faulty information! As I said, that isn't what they told us at the seminar, or in the handouts we got at the seminar. But there it is plain as day on their website.


          Originally posted by pixl View Post
          intel is better right now, idort
          AMD Phenom Quad Core I now Out ... Can U Say.....Goodbye Intel?

          Here is more info




            It's kinda like people voting for bush intel looks better on the outside.


              Originally posted by UT3sysop View Post
              AMD Phenom Quad Core I now Out ... Can U Say.....Goodbye Intel?

              Here is more info

              Intel already has quad core, so what are you talking about? Besides, why is AMD trash talking it's competitor? You also need to take note that you are looking at a 64 bit chip. Most benchmark systems are still 32 bit. Try and stay in the ball park will you?

              When AMD grows it up it wants to be Intel.


                Originally posted by slinky3761 View Post
                It's kinda like people voting for bush intel looks better on the outside.

                AMD= Evanglical conservative

                Intel= Liberal

                Try to remember that.


                  guys this is funny, its a juggling act, everyone knows it, im a amd fan at heart, but im using intel right now because the intels are better at the moment, eventually amd will release another chip and domminate again for a some time. It goes back and forth.
                  the time line for chips to be in the 1 spot is between 2 to 4 years.

                  Dont think amd is going anywhere, Remember there actually needed in the community otherwise intel will monopolize and cpu's would cost 2 grand each.

                  Just think real hard how much intel charged before and after amd.

                  Weither your a amd fan or intel fan you have to appreciate them fighting it pushes the industry and gives us better prices

                  Amd is still the only chip maker working on a hybrid gpu/cpu processor capable of realtime raytracing. As it stands intel has the ball but i do think amd will drop a bomb eventually. There just biding there time trying to eek by for now.

                  look at the days when pentium 4 came out and for a year or 2 amd was in the ****ter. Then amd dropped the bomb on intel and started the 64bit revolution. And now guess what all chips are now using 64 bit instructions.

                  Consumer multicore again amd pushed for this. and intel followed suit.

                  As it stands the last few big inovations in the cpu market where started by amd.


                    this isn't going anywhere. Closing.