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Your Favorite/Least favorite map for each gametype.

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    Your Favorite/Least favorite map for each gametype.

    I don't think I saw this thread yet so I guess I might has well make it.
    So, what's your favorite stock map for each gametype and witch one don't you like?
    Yes, you can have multiple votes.

    I like : Deck (it's not UT withouht Deck) Sanctuary, Sentinel, Diesel and CarbonFire

    I don't like : Shangrila, Deimos and Arsenal.

    I like : OmicronDawn, Coret and Strident

    I don't like : Old school UT'ers, call me a heretic all you want but I hate Hydro, I just don't like It at all.

    Warfare (Keep in mind that i'm more of a non-vehicle gametype guy, I haven't played warfare much)

    I like : Avalanche, OnyxCoast, PowerSurge, FloodGate, Serenity,

    I don't like : Tankcrossing, MarketDistrict, Torlan(it's a good map, just that I played it to death in UT2k4)

    vCTF (That gametype is growing on to me)
    I like : Necropolis, Corruption

    I don't like : Kargo

    I have mixed fealings about Sandstorm, It's fun but the sand storm can be a little anoying, even thought it saved my *** a few times while I was a flag runner.

    In Warfare I like Downtown the most followed by Floodgate and Powersurge, and then Serenity. My least favorite is Sinkhole (Bleh). I also don't like Onyxcoast. It's pretty but very unbalanced.


      CTF: Coret and OmicronDawn best (good flow), Hydrosis least (takes forever to get out of the base).
      WAR: Islander, Floodgate and Avalanche best (varied), Sinkhole and MarketDistrict least (no vehicular fun).
      vCTF: Necropolis and Sandstorm best (not too hard to cap), Kargo, Containment and Suspense least (too heavily defended).


        vCTF-Kargo (least favorite)

        Torlan is still very fun, to me at least.


          Sanctuary is a blast. Haven't seen too many of the other maps since I've been playing that one so much.