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What's the fastest weapon to blow up a power node?

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    Originally posted by freakhunter View Post
    Redeemer of course but if you talking about normal weapons I use flak secondary fire, link primary fire, rocket primary fire, and I haven't really tried the shock combo on it that much yet.
    Shock combos are really effective. That's now my primary way to destroy a node. And link gun primary if I'm far away. Otherwise rockets, flak or even stinger alt fire depending on what's available.


      Originally posted by Lulzy View Post
      Shock combos are really effective...
      They are, but I'm having real difficulty getting the distance right. If they don't explode exactly over the node then they do very little damage.


        I think link's primary. I usually use it + its good on the distance
        Also, flak primary is good then you get closely to node, and its good to fight with flak while destroying node.


          While aproaching to the node charge 3 rokets and throw them on spiral, then shot another single rocket, then change to flak cannon and use secondary.

          Link gun primary does well but you will also prefer to get the ammo on the link gun to charge the node once is on your team.


            Orbs. That's the best even though it's not a weapon.


              There are times in this thread, no need for guess work.


                Yeah the times are there. I didn't think about comboing in the middle of the orb and ground. Makes a lot of sense as it'll be easier to time the combo and you have the orb and the floor at the same time

                Essentially, the best weapon to use is the one that does lots of damage but that you dont need

                I agree with those that don't use the link primary. It doesn't make much sense to destroy it at the same speed as flak or rockets, then run to pick up the link gun, run back and heal the node.

                Just flak/rocket it and then heal it. Much more efficient - and better points for you too since you get points for destroying and healing nodes. By the time you've picked up a new link gun, someone else may have healed it.


                  I use the impact hammer alt fire - works wonders


                    Link primary
                    Flak Secondary
                    Stinger secondary


                      Originally posted by Lillien View Post
                      I agree with those that don't use the link primary. It doesn't make much sense to destroy it at the same speed as flak or rockets, then run to pick up the link gun, run back and heal the node.
                      Flak requires you to be up close, rockets don't deal the damage of link.

                      Rockets: fire interval 1, 100 damage per rocket, node damage scaling 1.1 = 110 damage per second

                      Link: fire interval 0.16, 26 damage per bolt, node damage scaling 0.8 = 130 damage per second

                      Flak: fire interval 1.1, 9 shards, 18 damage per shard, node damage scaling 1 = 147 damage per second

                      However, flak is different. The center shard deals 100(!) extra damage if it hits the target exactly in the center, which falls to 0 extra damage over 2.2 seconds. The shards also lose 5 damage over their 2 second lifespan. That means that a point blank dead center flak hit deals 238 damage per second. However, I believe the center of nodes is in between the base plate and the sphere, so you can never hit them dead center.

                      Flak damage drops considerably beyond point blank, and the spread even makes it hard to hit with all shards at medium range.

                      98% of weapon lockers contains a Link Gun. The standard 50 link ammo is sufficient to take down almost a complete power node and certainly enough to help rebuild one. That usually means you can gun down a node while closing in, grab new link ammo and build the node all in one go.


                      Originally posted by Hedge-o-Matic View Post
                      Stinger secondary
                      Stinger: fire interval 0.28, 38 damage per shard, node damage scaling 0.6 = 81 damage per second

                      Would have been OK if it weren't for the crappy node damage scaling.


                        Originally posted by TPSFan View Post
                        Self destruct on the Viper. Prime it, aim it and jump.

                        I had not thought of that...but what a perfect target for the Viper.

                        I have so much fun on the viper and it is so nimble. Quickly becoming one of my favorite vehicles, although the Manta has to remain my all-time fav.