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UE 3 Editor: Your Thoughts

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    UE 3 Editor: Your Thoughts

    Hey every1,

    i was just wondering: what do you think of the UE 3 editor? its a BIG change and little change in some ways or more of Unreal Ed 3, so i want to know your opinion, any bugs you have found, etc as level designers / freelance modders.

    only bug i have found is trying to run custom maps as soon as you have loaded them.

    when you run the editor, if you open a custom map immediatly and try to play it, BANG... my editor crashes. not such a big thing.

    i think once you learn the changed interface and new features, its easy

    I have to say I am hooked. I couldn't use the editor in any previous versions because I have always had macs. I bought an HP for this game and for the media center (tv etc) features and the CE version of UT3. The videos are great. I built my first box world in one evening. ;-). In a previous thread I mentioned that this game was not revolutionary for me.... but I have to say being able to make my own stuff *is* revolutionary for me. I know you PC'ers have always had access to this, but it's like a bran new toy for me!

    [/end rave]
    I have had problems with the editor crashing. I don't know if it is my system, or the editor. I am guessing it's the load on my system (still waiting for a decent graphics card).



      Editor crashes, levels with custom meshes and materials won't publish, may have to move to another SDK/engine.


        I remembered playing a 2k3 Invasion map where there were pornography pictures all over the map. That was fun : D


          Is there a way to import a map I made in UT99 or UT2004 editor to the UT3 one? I dont mind if all the actors get deleted, but I was wondering if i can import the same exact textures I used for my ut99/2k4 maps? which were part of the engine