I must say I had built me a new core duo pc to play all the new games coming out.I also purchased the collectors edition of this game along with my pc parts.I always remember watching the press video on tv watching the E3 demo and was very impressed and said if I ever built a new computer that would be the game to run with and test new hardware.I must say very well done job on this title and thansk for making a very nice collectors box packed with alot of extras.This must be the best collectors edition I have bought for a game in a very long time.I have bought collectors editions to other games but the one you have for unreal tounament is awsome.I love the new race you added and the Dark Walker vehicle.Kind of reminds me of a war of the worlds invasion when you seen it in the distance coming at you.I have been playing this game and just wanted to say very well done keep up the good work.The Unreal games get better and better.If you can please come out with another unreal game from the universe of the first game using this engine.Love the visuals this new engine can do.