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Oh so Unreal-- (first UT3 machinima)

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    Oh so Unreal-- (first UT3 machinima)

    Mythica Link (download suggested)

    YouTube Link

    Oh so Unreal isn't your typical machinima. No real acting or characters are involved. The movie is more of a calming style while showing off the beauty of the environments you love to kill in. This is more of a test video than something actual, since it is tricky to do things with a mouse that I would prefer to do with a thumb-stick.

    Feedback here would be appreciated (and yes I know part of the hud was in that 1 clip in the movie!!!)


    Recorded with- Fraps 272 registered
    Windows XP SP2
    DirectX 9
    Nvidia Geforce 8800

    (visuals usually take some what of a hit after compression, and its harder to record (to keep quality) in real time, first-person, than with the demo playback and repelcam, But is a simpler procedure overall considering what i was filming didn't require any complex camera movement.)

    You Cant Miss It!


      I liked it.

      Made me feel like I was reflecting on good times I've had. lol


        Great stuff, man. Now I want to get the full version even more...

        Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


          It's good, but it's not a machinima (machinima involves characters, a story and a setting).


            Can I have my three minutes back? Why would you make a vid of powerups... and expect people to enjoy it. This belongs in your private archives, try again.


              actually the definition of machinima is "making a movie using an in game engine."

              This doesn't always include characters. I could tell by watching that im a bit rusty, and I'm more experienced in Halo machinima since its easier to get groups of people together for an actual acting machinima. the movie it was based on was made by a very good machinimator and is still a semi-popular movie even though its only environment.

              But thx for the tips since im new to unreal machinima, and how its community acts and what it wants.