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Please restore Biogun switch behaviour from UT2k4!

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    Please restore Biogun switch behaviour from UT2k4!

    Hey people, this is just a small issue but nevertheless an issue.

    In UT2k4, holding bio secondary fire would load the gun up. During this time it was perfectly possible to select a different weapon. It would however not be switched immediately - only after letting go of secondary fire, the selected weapon would switch in and be ready to shoot immediately. This was very nice because the loaded up bio is quite powerful on mid range, however you wouldn't waste any time with it anymore after it was loaded up.

    Now in UT3, it's just a tad bit different. Nevertheless annoying because if you switch the weapon here before the bio is completely loaded up, you'll switch the weapon immediately. That's kinda annoying... anyone else feel the same way?

    i doubt they'll change it... i didnt notice if that happens or not, i'll have to try it out