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    I was quite sure that they removed that feature not long ago.

    And that actually brings up a good point! I'd be willing to bet that they made the shell's trajectory so high to save the console users the hassle of having to aim up for each shot!

    If that's the case, then I agree with you Kardinal. That's somewhat lazy.

    PS: I noticed the dire lack of weapon throwing too. What the hell is that all about, Epic?


      Originally posted by EpicFragMagnet View Post
      I'm curious why the Flak cannon's trajectory just keeps getting higher and higher with every iteration of UT.
      Because the flak shell's speed keeps getting lower and lower with every iteration, and Epic apparently believes that you should get the same distance (rather than height) without aiming up. Shame, though. I used to like the shell. Now I don't see the point.


        Originally posted by Vidiot View Post
        It is strange as to why the alt fire goes straight up like that. What's worst though, is how the primary fire is "delayed". You press the fire button and about .5 second later it fires.
        It makes it a lot harder to time the shots with the other player's jumps...I have almost stopped using the primary fire. Why did they have to fix something that wasnt broken? Close combat is hard enough without trying to allow for weapon lag too, imho. Hopefully someone will "fix" it with a mod.


          I liked the other thread better. This one lacks sincerity, with it's whole "What? Already dead? I'm not the first to beat on this horse, here?!" bit. but yeah. Hate the new high trajectory on the flak shells, it makes no sense. The only reason more people don't complain is because it's been nerfed into uselessness, so it's easy not to care that much.


            Originally posted by booshack View Post
            There's really no reason to use the alt fire anyway. It's only 100 dmg with minimal splash - a full hit of primary fire is 180 dmg, and the ROF is the same.
            I quite agree with this. The splash radius and damage is ridiculous in UT3, as well as the arc so it's most of the time 100 or 0 with it so rather use the primary most of the time. Not to forget that they don't always register even if you manage to do a direct hit (-_-)

            Originally posted by EpicFragMagnet View Post
            Anybody know how many fragments are shot out of the gun with the primary fire? We tried counting them, but... heh XD
            We tryed a few time me and a friend and at medium range it seemed to do 20 per chunk.


              I cannot recall where, but the pattern that the shrapnels fly out is of a happy face. I think this is for 2k3, but not sure about UT3 though.