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    Blood splats when you do a flak in their face would be nice also. On the impact hammer does this. Other weapons should also. I would like to see weapons get dirty aswell. The impact hammer does it but why not others?


      Some suggestions that I think could be big improvements (because I'm bored, and too unmotivated to figure out how to mod myself):

      Impact Hammer: Massive knockback with blood trail, and impact splatter upon landing, rather than gibbing.

      Enforcers: an oh-god-I-think-I've-been-shot keel over animation.

      Bio-rifle: I don't like how the body just vanishes. How about target collapsing into a spasms as they dissolve into a lumpy green skeletal heap?

      Shock Rifle: The new combo is great, very innovative, but not sure what to say about the regular fire. They're too weak to do anything too impressive. Maybe some chance of partial gibbing, though.

      Flak Cannon: Lots of blood, some knockback, maybe some gibs more like evisceral spray, rather than the total body disappearing into bouncing rubber chunks thing.

      Minigun: just needs more blood spattering while doing the cliched twitching before falling down thing.

      Plasma Rifle: Skeletonization's cool and all, but could use more smoldering effect. Maybe if the skeleton sometimes stood there for a second of disbelief before collapsing, that would look cool, too.

      Rocket launcher: Gibs work here. Partial gibbing would still be better, though. Flaming body parts in all directions, some more recognizable as the target than others. Btw, what happened to the flaming gibs of past UTs?

      Sniper Rifle: It's too bad this just looks like a simple high powered rifle. I mean, how much can be done with that, aside from a big gaping hole where ever it hits? Might have some sudden knockback on killshots, other than the clean headshot, though.

      Redeemer: Should leave little piles of dust or something. Or maybe burn shadows into walls.


        Originally posted by Lazymutant View Post
        well the thing is your not a graphics designer... so unless you can do better i would just keep your yap shut, the way its dong it now is fine with me
        Dude, every one is entitled to his or her opinion, just because you don't agree with what he said and since he's not a graphic designer doesn't mean he can't say something about the game's graphics.

        If people had to go by your rules and criticize something only if they knew how to do it better, the review sites like we know them would be non existant. The manufacturers would be the ones reviewing each other.


          Originally posted by Reise View Post
          Ever seen something actually get dismembered? They don't bleed like in Kill Bill.
          Yeah, some of you act like you've never seen a body get dismembered before. Geeze.


            Originally posted by UndeadRoadkill View Post
            Hm, looks pretty "clean" for a spot where a body was dismembered, I'm not particularly impressed.
            That right there tells me what your saying is highly unreasonable.

            People aren't going to stop in the middle of a firefight to oggle at a corpse.


              Gibbing looks fine until you examine the remains. I'm surprised they even let the gibs stay as long as they do when people are struggling for framerates on the next gen game engines.

              I think my favorite mute of all time in UT99 was Decal Stay...

              It was fun to host a Decal Stay server with 7 or 8 person FFA and by the end of the match, virtually the entire arena was just covered with blood and scorch marks. It really added a lot to the atmosphere. Can't do that in UT2kX or beyond without really bogging down your game.