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Lagging menu system

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    Lagging menu system

    Is there a way to DISABLE that annoying animated background on the menu system? The lag is so bad I can barely click any of the buttons.

    Especially after game's end to click on the chat button is next to impossible.

    I can accept a weird console inspired menu system, Epic, but at least make it work smooth.

    No it is not my PC, it is a quad core Q6600 with 2GB RAM and 8800 video.

    And while we are it, is there a way to disable the buttons sounds on the menu and the scrubbing sound on the server browser? Or at least to lower their volume?

    There must be some compatability issue with your system then because my system isn't quite as good as yours and the menu runs at 50FPS on my machiene. So that's not your problem.

    Vista Ultimate
    Core 2 Duo 6600
    3Gb RAM
    EVGA GeForece 8800 GTS 320MB OCed


      The game runs fine and smooth, it is just the menu. There are some bad lag spikes after game's end.